Book Review: One Minute Super Dad by Dr. Prashant Jindal


*Publisher: HarperCollins India *ISBN: 978-93-5277-453-1 *Genre: Self-Help *Cover: Paperback *No of Pages: 160 *Price: 299 INR *Rating: 5/5

My View:

Currently these types of books are very rarely to get from the market, an eye opening topics are described by the author. In today’s world where bonding between father and son is very tense, this book will help to bridge the gap between them. Although book is targeted to fathers only but after reading, I suggest moms should also follow this book.

Many years of extensive research makes this book a perfect read for new dads to inspire and uplift the spirit of their kids. How a small thing makes a lasting impression on children’s mind is perfectly articulated by the author. Each and every one minute magic depicted in the book is handy tool to upgrade dads for bonding with kids.

Power of positive thought and importance of visualization is very well described through the book; read the chapter on charity i.e. how a small positive thought planted in kids mind will reap a healthy fruit in future by helping unfortunate peoples.

In 21st century where to raise one child is difficult but here in the book the importance of siblings is given by the author which is eye opening and also how a bonding between first bloods will help each other at the time of adversity. There is one picture on page no 38 where a child is watching a TV, also surrounded by different gadgets in a jail but the picture presentation is so perfect that it conveys the meaning of a biggest junk in progress of a child is easily understood by looking at it.     

Last chapter of the book “Some true magic moment stories of dads” highly inspiring and how small things makes a deep impression on kids mind is presented to the readers, also Do’s and Don’ts is very helpful to be a super dad from the book.

I highly recommend this wonderful book to new dads, also to those who are having tuff time bonding with their kids. The book is for everyone, read this book to install good habits in your child.

**I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review**


Being a good father is an art as well as a science. New dads need some handy tools to connect with their kids at the deepest level and inspire them to develop great habits, mindset and beliefs. But raising children in today’s fast-paced world is more challenging than ever.

One-minute super dad gives you - the new dad – simple techniques that can be put into action in just a minute a day. Repeated consistently, they will help you forge a strong bond with your kids that will hold them in good stead for a lifetime.

Featuring a Foreword by Raymond Aaron, co-author of Chicken soup for the parent’s soul, this book is an outcome of five years of passionate work, research, interviews and real-life experiences. Inspire your kids to a whole new level -  lack of time no longer being a factor – and raise amazing children!