Thursday, 12 July 2012

Book review: The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

Title: The Magic
Author: Rhonda Byrne
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 978-1-84983-839-9
Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit
Pages: 250
Rating: 4/5

Here is my full book review: Rhonda Byrne is the lady who created the popular film and bestselling book, The Secret and her sequel book The Power. Her experiences in life led her to discover the Law of Attraction which then turned her life around. Her amazing ability to see the best in everything, to feel love for everyone and everything and to help so many people across the world has given her a wonderful insight into how we can all change our lives for the better. Rhonda opens her book with a stunning revelation. After explaining how the Law of Attraction works, and revealing how 'like attracts like' her amazing revelation is that the key to a truly abundant and happy life lies in the practice of gratitude. 

This might not sound like much of a revelation to start with but evidence shows that the more we practice gratitude and give thanks on a daily basis, the more abundance will begin to flow to us. As well as the well known metaphysical facts about energy, she bases her opinion on the evidence of her own life and many others who have transformed theirs since discovering the Law of Attraction.

How grateful are you?

Rhonda's book features a course of exercises, helping us to practice gratitude so that we can improve every area of our lives and dissolve the problems or negative situations we're experiencing. Many of us believe we're already grateful but as Rhonda points out, she thought this was true of herself until she discovered the real power of gratitude and by practicing daily gratitude in every part of our lives, what a difference this can make.

Build your 'attitude of gratitude'

The exercises, designed to be followed every day for 28 days, help us to build an ' attitude of gratitude' almost like flexing and training a muscle in a gym. Before we start the daily exercise, the first thing Rhonda recommends is to be specific about our wants. Dividing our life into categories describe exactly what we'd like - she suggests Work, money, wealth, relationships, personal desires and material things.

Commit to your daily Top Ten

She then suggests on a daily basis every morning listing ten things we're grateful for (our Top Ten), and then writing down why we're grateful for them! Thinking about why we're grateful for something really helps to focus our mind and experience real gratitude. Rhonda also suggests we use a Gratitude Rock. This could be a smooth pebble or stone that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Keep it by your bedside and every night think of something that has happened that day that you're the most grateful for - hold the Gratitude Rock in your palm and give thanks for whatever it is you're thinking of.

These daily acts of gratitude help our positive thoughts build up into a permanent uplifting and happy vibe, cultivating this amazing thankful attitude on a daily basis is well worth thinking about!

Gratitude Rock

Each day as well as writing down our Top Ten at the start of each day, and using the Gratitude Rock in the evening before we go to sleep at night, we get to practice a separate daily Gratitude. Every exercise is designed to help us appreciate and enhance a different area in our lives, from health and wealth to work and relationships. Have we got relationships in our lives that perhaps aren't what they should be? At work, how often do we harbour bad feelings about how things are? What about our finances and how we feel about money? Any fears, doubts or worries that we carry around with us, will be producing more of the same.

Following the exercises in The Magic will change this situation by helping us to monitor our thoughts easily and so, by building up gradually over the 28 days, new ways of thinking become part of everyday life, allowing us to see the things we normally take for granted in a totally different light. Rhonda helps us to really appreciate what we have, even if it's not what we're ultimately aiming for and just by the simple act of practicing gratitude regularly, we start to attract more and more of the good stuff into our lives every day!