Book Review: Akoopar by Dhruv Bhatt

Book Review: Akoopar by Dhruv Bhatt

*Publisher: Gurjar Granth Ratna Karyalaya *ISBN: 978-81-8480-348-8 *Publication Year: 2010 *Cover: Hardcover *No of Pages: 284 *Language: Gujarati *Genre: Fiction *Price: 200 *Rating: 5/5

My View:

After a long time I have read any Gujarati novel, and I am very happy that my friend gave me this book which is based on life and tradition of Gir. I have visited Gir forest many a times and also stayed in Sinhsadan in Sasan Gir, but after reading this book I am desperate to roam in jungle with local people and wants’ to connect myself with Gir.

The book is based on life of cattle breeders; they are called Maldharis in Gujarati who lives in Gir forest, which is known for last survival of Asiatic lion. The author has very well described the life and tradition of Maldharis. The way of conversation, philosophy of life and relationship with nature and animals, especially with lion is thoroughly described. The book is a good example to urban people, how these tribal taking utmosts care to preserve this Nature. The author has so authentically presented the entire novel it seems you are watching a movie. 

The central theme of the book is about symbiotic relationship between humans, lions and nature. The peoples see Gir as a living entity they talk with jungle, gives name to the hills. One of the best stories I liked among the entire book is about railway station manager from south India who stays at Kaasiya Nes and constructs concrete water tank for leopard and other animals.

I highly recommend this book for wild life and adventure lovers, who want to know the true nature or living habits of tribal people who resides in jungle. A must read book. Also this book is translated in English also.