Thursday, 7 January 2016

Book review: Timirpanthi by Dhruv Bhatt

My review: Timirpanthi by Dhruv Bhatt.

*Publication: WBG *ISBN: 978-93-82345-76-3 Language: Gujarati Genre: Travelogue/fiction Rating: 5/5

My view:

This is the first Guajarati author whom I am reading more than twice, the first book I have read of Bhatt is Akoopar which is based on Gir forest (life of maldharis) the second which I have read was on villagers living near ocean i.e. Samudrantike.

Now this book Timirpanthi is a travelogue written in a novel format, it’s a well researched book on nomadic tribes who live near villages but not in the village they migrate from place to place. They live in a region called settlement which was made by British government. This community was famous for their stealing work, they think theft is an art rather than a crime, according to them even rich people are also looting peoples but in a different way. Their forefathers were also doing the same thing, but at that time there were no currency so they use to steal crops from the villagers farm. At last to divert this new generation’s from robbery to main stream business by the protagonist by educating them is best portrayed by the author.

In short Timirpanthi is a page turner novel, mesmerizing from the very first page, I bet after completing this book, this will be your favourite novel other books of Dhruv Bhatt’s. The character buildup is excellent, and the way whole community is being represented by the author is really awesome. But I have seen one similarity about this author that the protagonist of his novel is always female character, I don’t know but he is trying to say that females are also important when it comes to earning or gut feeling is compared with male.

A must read book.