Book Review: Wreath and other Stories Tales of Horror and Suspense by Sangeeta Mahapatra

*Publisher: Notion Press *ISBN: 978-81-7511-087-8 *No of Pages: 215 *Genre: Fiction *Language: English *Price: 250 INR *Rating: 4/5

My View:

The first thing that comes to my mind when I pick any horror book, is a tune of Shyam Ramasay and Tulsi Ramasay’s horror show, which were telecasted on Zee TV at the time of 90’s, I still remember that thrilling tune. I think it’s very difficult to write any horror novel or stories, because your writing should be such that the reader feels the thrill while reading it. 

When I picked this book I was thinking how short stories will create fear in you but I was wrong after reading this book I must say these stories are really thrilling; Sangeeta Mahapatra has done her work perfectly. Some stories like Malevolent, Captive, and Snapshot will make you paralyze with fear. If you read these stories I bet, that a simple sounds of breeze will makes you jump at your place because of the fear.

Now the writing style of the author is somewhat difficult, I have to dig a dictionary to know the word, also many times I felt that the starting is bit slow for many stories but it picks up the pace after some pages and connects very well.

There are 10 short stories in the book but which I liked the most are:

Malevolent, it’s about Theatre du Nouveau where Robots taking place of humans.
Wreath: it’s about adventure and the trekking to the remote hill station. (Interesting line from this story: what happens when the world of the dead becomes the world of the living?)
Captive: a story about fear of sleeping.
Snapshot: the spirit helping her adopted daughter.
Artistic Spirit: a chilling story of spirit guiding the living being, also I liked the message in this story about follow your inner voice rather being an unknown in a crowd.

And last the last one Déjà vu: I liked the brave character of Radhika, which guide us to search the root of any case also the entire chapter is really special, where you will know about past life and regression techniques.

I highly recommend this collection of short stories, especially who loves to read horror and suspense stories. Wreath and other stories is a collection of short stories which will evoke fear in you.

“I received a free copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.”

Book Blurb:

What is it that we fear? An evil presence around us, watching and waiting for a small slip, or the realization that the malevolence is within us and has already made its move?

Wreath and other stories will take you into a world that is slightly off its hinges – a bizarre, eerie realm. In short, a world much like our own, if only we would notice it.

A dangerous obsession of an artist, a broken childhood promise, a birthday gift gone horribly wrong, a soldier trapped in a nightmare, a warning from beyond the grave, a writer’s new lease of life in a “suicide central,” a patient’s struggle with insanity, a terrible crime in an idyllic artists’ town, a man’s record of his last moments, a bride haunted by her past…

With grey characters, a creeping sense of dread, and a twist at the end, it will ensure that you go to bed satisfied, having had your fill of a world of wickedness and terror… until that world engulfs you in your dreams. This book will enthrall lovers of horror and suspense.