Monday, 8 April 2013

My review for the book Tantra by Adi

I am very thankful to blogadda for giving me chance to review the books by different authors. This is my second book from the blogadda. The first one was Bankster by Ravi Subramanian.

Title: Tantra                                                                
Author: Adi
ISBN: 978-81-908636-2-9
Genre: Fantasy Thriller
Publishers: Apeejay Stya Publishing
Price: INR 195
Page: 335
My rating: 3.5

It's a story full of adventure and suspense. Great page turner. I enjoyed it a lot! Tantra by Adi is about heroine who is intelligent, beautiful, powerful and a vampire hunter! Anu Aggarwal is an Indian-American who is recruited by the “Centre” at a young age to become a vampire-hunter. Description is not given how vampire is being created.

The story is something like this. Anu Aggarwal is a vampire doing hunting to save the society from evils. Vampire huntings are done only at night. Anu Aggarwal life changes when Brian her boyfriend is being killed by Vampire. She gets a picture of the killer from the security footage of his apartment She gets to know that killing has a link to Delhi in India. Her dressing changes from leather wearing girl to a salwar-kameez. She follows the killer and ends in Delhi. Where she meets Amit Sethi who is a Delhi local Vampire hunter. In Delhi her life totally changes from New York. Where in New York there is no harmony between Vampires because in New York the vampires went out every night to attack people while in Delhi Vampires lives very sophisticated life.

So while hunting for a Brian killer she encounters with a vampire who is taking child with him. This is a turning point of the Story. Where she kills the vampire but was unable to save the child. Where she gets to knows that children’s from the local slums are being taken away and being killed by Baba Senaka. Baba Senaka is a Tantric who wants to be a powerful man through human sacrifice. Anu Aggarwal has some natural power, with the help of Dr. sharma and Grover She is going to fight him by learning the sattvic methods and thus begins the war of Tantric vs Sattvic.

Basically story revolves in Delhi. The Story line is same as protagonist wants to take revenge for her boyfriend being killed by the vampires. The story doesn’t give any detailed on “shifts” and “maya” you doesn’t get to know how anu gets the information of others life by thread. Also how humans are being transformed to supernatural, how healing process is being done. Also the humor of Amit is totally waste you doesn’t get laugh form it.    

About the author:
The author, Adi is a graduate from Stanford University and then Harvard University. He has published a poetry book and a minor textbook before this novel. His style of writing is nice but becomes too descriptive at times. He has promoted his book quite well by creating an official trailer of the book at YouTube apart from creating page at FaceBook and Twitter. However, if you check the website provided at the end of the book , you'll be redirected to his Facebook page!

The publisher is Appejay Stya Publishing Pvt Ltd,New Delhi.Kudos to the publishers for the paper quality is very good. It is nice. The printing is very good .The book comes with a bookmark attached by a red satin ribbon bound with the book. At the end of the book ,twitter id & facebook pages of the author Adi have been stated. This is the first novel by Adi ,the author

My rating:
Overall, i would give this book a rating of 3.5/5. It's worth reading if you are out to trying something new.

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