Thursday, 4 July 2013

My review for the book The Homing Pigeons by Sid Bahri

Publisher                      : Srishti Publishers & Distributors
ISBN                             : 978-93-80349-91-6
Year of Publication       : 2013
No of Pages                 : 318
Cover                           : Paper Back                
Language                     : English
Author                         : Siddhartha Bahri
Type                             : Fiction
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book                            :
Price                             : INR 150
Rating                          : 4/ 5

Ha ha ha. The first few pages of this book is totally hilarious. This book has a unique plot. From the beginning both the characters building have been handled with utmost care. Sid Bahri has given an insight of our today’s metro life. How divorced, single’s and also unmarried 20’s satisfy their sexual urge. The title of the book Homing Pigeons is very catchy because even though Radhika and Aditya wants’ to seprate themselves from each other their fate doesn’t make possible. Alternate chapters narrated by Aditya and Radhika made this book gripping and page turner. Also chapters are very small so that it eager’s reader what happens next. I am waiting for the next book of sid. A must read book for all youths. Also I must say sid bahri is a different author among our Indians. I am very much satisfied with sid’s debut novel.    
·                     The Plot
Aditya after few drinks down in a bar emptying his wallet when a hot corporate lady (Divya) offers a drink. The drinks turns into more drink and Aditya ends up in hotel room with divya having sex with her. She offers money and then Exbanker turns into a professional Gigolo, how his life changes from a jobless to a person earning more than a class one officer.  Divya provides many clients to Aditya also she takes a hefty commission from him. This book shows many facets of human ego, because of tradition and ego of Aditya’s parents, Aditya have to suffer.

On the other hand Radhika with a not so stable childhood, stands out and turns herself into a career oriented woman, but succumbs to her parent’s wishes and makes a mess of her life by marrying an NRI but her marriage doesn’t last long for a year then she returns and maries to older guy how already have a daughter. Radhika completes her responsibilities by marrying her step daughter. Radhika has to leave her husband home and go her way to Delhi with hefty money according to his husband will.     

Some of the catchy lines which I liked are:-
Johnnie Walker can make you do funny things. Page no. 5
Emotional blackmail is a woman’s forte. Page no. 277
Our destinies are too intertwined to be away from each other for long. Page no. 316
About the Author
A hotelier by education, an ex-banker and a senior executive in the outsourcing industry, Sid gave up a plush carrier in the outsourcing industry to follow his passions. Based out of Ranikhet, he is now a struggling entrepreneur and a happy writer. A self-proclaimed eccentric, he is an avid blogger who loves to read and cook. Cooking stories, however, is his passion. The Homing Pigeons is his debut novel.

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