Thursday, 15 August 2013

Review for the book Amreekan Desi Master of America by Atulya Mahajan

Publisher                          : Random House India   
ISBN                                 : 978-8-184-00395-6
Year of Publication          : 2013
No of Pages                     : 306
Cover                               : Paper Back                      
Language                         : English
Author                              : Atulya Mahajan
Type                                  : Fiction
Price                                 : INRI 199
Rating                               : 2.5/ 5

It’s a Hilarious book with many anecdotes to American Indians. I have picked this book because when this book was available from readers-cosmos i was just surfing the net, and i came to a video where Gul Panag was rendezvous with the author. She was asking why he cammed back to India, what are the future prospects of India etc. So after watching that video i thought this book will reach me to know how Indian Origins are having their life in America especially Students, and i must say after reading the book i am very much satisfied with this book. Recently i got to know that this book Amreekan Desi by Atulya Mahajan is in a best seller shelf in Mumbai airport. Also its a quick read you will not get bored reading this book. The flow is genuine and also Atulya Mahajan has written in a very simple language their is no harsh words. At some time i thought that author is inspired by Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States where protagonist do some unusual things like growing his beard, convincing her would be father in law etc. Its always a worth reading if the publishers are Random House India. Its a handful guide for the Indian students who want’s to go abroad for further studies and settle their.

The plot or Story

This is about two guys Akhil and Jaspreet (Jassi) who lands to USA for studies in FSU (Florida State University) to do their Masters in Science Degree after clearing GRE. Akhil has a dream in his life and wants to be a successful person, he studies, he learns to cook foods and also fall in love, while Jassi dreams of having fun with his life. Jassi wants to bang everyother Firangi girl encountered in his life by rating from 5 to 10.  Then their a love story between the protagonist Akhil with Nandita. The story further follows when their is strick no for marriage out of bangali community from Nandita’s family and Akhil convince nandita’s father in somewhat filmy Bolloywood style. Also their guidance and help from senior Indian students of FSU how to live in USA is very interesting and helpful. How do they cop up with their life the environment, the difficulty they face, expensesnes of the cities etc is described very sharply by Atulya Mahajan because he was once upon a time a student in USA. The only thing further i would like to say about this book is just grab it and read it you will like it.  

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