Friday, 23 August 2013

Review for the book Keys by Santosh Joshi

Publisher                             : Santosh Joshi Foundation
ISBN                                  : 978-93-5126-531-3
Year of Publication              : 2013
No of Pages                        : 270
Cover                                  : Paperback
Language                             : English
Author                                 : Santosh Joshi
Type                                    : Non-Fiction Self Help
Price                                    :280
Rating                                  :4.5/5

This is an awesome book. You will never regret if you are planning to the book on Positive thinking or planning for reading a book on regret free life than i must say my first preference is to this book Keys by Santosh Joshi. The cover design of the book is very symbolic as it says open your door to live a regret free and positive life, also design is done be creative team of ThinkWhyNot. When Thinkwhynot mailed me if i want to write a review on this book, at that time i was not sure whether to select or not to select because i have read many books on self help, but i must say i have not taken any wrong decision, its a must read book.

This book Keys is divided into three parts i.e. HLP where H means Heal your past L means Live your present and P means Plan your future.  Before starting any chapter their are cartoons printed along with that a small sentence are written it, which are very symbolic it represents human tendency to think any situation in a particular manner. Now for first few chapter i.e. Heal your past the author Santosh Joshi says don’t stretch your past let it be, free yourself from your past just analyse it and make a proper decision for your future. Bygones are bygones which is written many times in first few chapters for healing your past. Their are many anecdotes written in this book which are very useful. Also their are many inspirational stories that one should re-read it. Santosh Joshi has given a new method which i liked the most which is if someone/something hurting you or the memories which hurts you most just write it down in a paper tear the paper burn it or flush it. Do this method whenever you feel low or when your past memory hurts you, it really helps i have done it myself. After Heal your past their is Live your present in which Santosh Joshi says past are past enjoy your present moment. Mistakes are a great teacher learn from your mistakes just analyze it, believe in your inner voice which will guide you throughout your life.  Their is a chapter for gratitude in live your present which i liked the most where santosh Joshi says having a feeling of gratitude makes us aware of the things we have in our life, gratitude is the direct route for happiness, also those who are practicing gratitude and humility attracts success in their life. Now for the last few chapters are for Plan your future. The author says visualize, which is the best tool to achieve your future goals. By visualizing your mind attracts those vibrations the more you think about something in a positive way the more are chances of that manifesting in your life. After every completion of chapters their are given powerful tools, if you re-refer it many times i must say your life will be changed in a positive way.  My suggestion to the readers that don’t put this book in a shelf you should re-read it many times give to your friends, gift to someone i assure you those who will read this book their perspective of life will be changed.      

                                                      The lines which i liked the most:

Make sure that people remember you for the right reasons. It is very difficult to build a good reputation as it takes a long time; however, it just takes a couple of seconds to spoil it. So always choose your words and actions carefully. Page no. 18
Remember, your thoughts in this moment are going to create your future. You are creating your future every moment.  Page no. 86
We become as we think. If we think of greatness, our life will turn towards greatness.Page no.133   
Happiness can never be achieved by material gains. To be really happy one has to look inside and not outside. Page no. 143
Working hard without a plan is similar to running on a treadmill. We end up at the same place. Page no. 197
Lack of faith in one’s self is the sole reason for all of today’s problems, illnesses, diseases, stresses, relationship issues and fears. Page no. 231
Swami Vivekananda beautifully said, “Talk to yourself at least once a day. Otherwise you may miss a meeting with an excellent person in this world.”  Page no. 246

Their are many short stories which are very inspirational but suggesting some which i liked the most:

  • ·         The clay Buddha on page no: 32
  • ·         The crystal vase on page no: 63
  • ·         The real story of Jadav Payeng on page no: 254
  • ·         The real story of Dasrath Manhi on page no: 255