Working Hard is Not Good Enough by TGC Prasad

Working Hard is Not Good Enough by TGC Prasad Book Review

Publisher: Random House India
ISBN: 978-8-184-00323-9
Year of Publication: 2014
No. Of Pages: 231
Cover: Paperback
Language: English
Type: Non-Fiction
Price: 299
Rating: 4/5

A must read for the start-ups and also for students, executives and professionals. Working hard is not good enough is about Management, how to think different in this cut-throat competition. The book inspires to do things in different way rather than doing in traditional way. TGC Prasad has given many examples of different peoples, who have failed in their initial stage, but then they refined their ways and finally they succeeded.  

This book gives an idea that changing your thought process in affirmative ways will affect your personality. Each and every example is very relevant, inspiring and motivational. This book is written for the achievers who have set their goals or targets in their life. The writing style of the author is simple, the book is fast paced also the anecdotes provided in every chapter are mind-blowing. The author has very successively expressed the real-life examples of peoples who have changed the world like Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet etc.

There are fifteen chapters in the book, each chapter provides real life examples of successful people of India and global business, and if you read this, you will feel that you have gathered the knowledge of fifteen books.           

All in all, Working Hard is Not Good Enough is a book of inspiring stories; lessons and ideas. Don’t put it in your shelf, re-read this book. A must read for the aspiring Managers.  I would recommend everyone to pick this book. This book is thoroughly researched.

I am very thankful to Thinkwhynot for once again giving me opportunity to review the book, provided by them. Now this is my Fourth book from the Thinkwhynot. The first one was The Land of the Seven Rivers by Sanjeev Sanyal, second was Keys by Santosh Joshi, and third book was Bankerupt by Ravi Subramanian.

Some of the catchy lines:

1. It occurs to me that people who have emerged successful from difficult circumstances had “goodness in their heart”.

2. Common sense is about properly weighing risks in the context of rational thought and not getting entangled with the attainment of improbabilities.

3. People have been smart enough to realize that consumption of personal wealth beyond accustomed lifestyle is either useless or harmful.

Some of the Inspiring or motivational stories:

1. Snake Phobia on Page no. 33
2. Levi’s Jeans on Page no. 46
3. Warren Buffet on Page no. 51
4. Ma Jun on Page no. 81
5. Zavere Poonawala on Page no. 224, this is my favourite inspiring story and it is on Humility.

Also the chapters on listening and on philanthropy are one of the best chapters.

The blurb at end of the book:

Less than 2 percent of entrepreneurs succeed, only 15 percent employees get the best hikes, promotions and appraisal ratings. Less than 1 percent get to senior management positions and higher.

Does this mean the rest do not work as hard or are not as smart? They are! But there are subtle, yet profound differences. According to bestseller author, TGC Prasad, there is more to accomplishments than just working hard or at times even being smarter.

‘Working Hard is Not Good Enough’ is an insightful management book for all who want to make a difference to their performance, potential and life in general to achieve success and importantly happiness.