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the deliberate SINNER by Bhaavna Arora Book Review

The deliberate Sinner by bhaavna arora Book Review

Publisher: Srishti Publishers Distributors
ISBN: 978-93-82665-20-5
Year of Publication: 2014
No. Of Pages: 148
Cover: Paperback
Language: English
Type: Fiction
Price: 120
Rating: 4/5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
My Review:

When I received the mail from blogadda to review this book, I started searching for this book on net, and found that this book has been a good content of adultery, but after reading it I didn’t find that much content of sex although whenever there are any description about sex it is used at perfect timing and it was needed at that particular moment. Also I must say that after the release of Sita’s curse Indian author’s are taking a good chance by providing a sexual material to the orthodox Indian community.  Something out of the box is coming from many debut authors.  A woman’s desires are perfectly showcased by a female author. 

The Author Bhaavna Arora has perfectly portrayed infidelity of man, if a man does, it’s allowed but if he finds her wife being unfaithful then the world will crash. This book provides an insight world of Indian males, an example of true male dominated society of India, even though educated peoples living in metro cities their mindset are still of 18th century. Indian males are not accepting that the desires for sex are equal, of both man and women. 

At some time the protagonist Rihana is the perfect example of a sacrificial lamb to keep the honour of the family intact.

The language and the pace of the book is fast, you can read it in a short journey.  The paper quality, design and colour combination of the book is very well crafted.

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Thank you for this wonderful book, a signed copy by author and a quote by her “Hate the Sin, not the Sinner” is an addition like a precious gems for me.  


This is the story of a free spirited girl Rihana who marries to Veer, something like love cum arranged marriage. But after marriage her life becomes upside down, veer doesn’t care for her emotional or physical needs. Rihana tries to maintain her relationship for the sake of her parents.

Will this marriage sustain? Will veer understand her physical needs? Life of Rihana will be meaningful and peaceful? 

Some of the appealing lines from this book:

And in the interlude between birth and death, it’s your deeds alone that make the story of your life – either remarkably big or abysmally insignificant. Prologue

Older people say the couple that doesn’t fight cannot stay in love. Fights do help in the process of conditioning and knowing each other better. Page no 74

Probably a woman should not bother about dressing for a man, because no matter what she wears to impress him, he is always mentally undressing her. Page no 97

A man helps a man, but a woman – she’s the woman’s biggest enemy. Page no 97

Children and money are the two most important reasons that keep a marriage going in the absence of love. Page no 120

Is there an acid test to gauge the success of a relationship?

the deliberate sinnerIs it right to carry on in an unhealthy relationship with no conjugal bliss, or look for an alternate path?

Rihana is an adventurous and free-spirited girl, until she marries Veer, an eligible bachelor who comes from a wealthy family. While they appear ‘happily married’, their strong personalities are at odds. Veer, for the most part, is insensitive to Rihana’s physical and emotional needs, straining the relationship and leaving her feeling incomplete.

Caught between the devil and the deep sea, Rihana has to now decide whether to walk out of her marriage and be a victim of society’s ridicule, or compromise on her physical needs, which for her are the foundation for a healthy marital bond.

Can they work out their differences? Will Veer give her what she desires, or push her to do something desperate and scandalous?

About The Author:

Dr. Bhavna Arora is a new-generation writer who is an avid learner from life. She is a young enthusiast who has two MBA degrees and a Doctorate from Pittsford University in Leadership to her credit.

A philanthropist at heart, she has been sponsoring an underprivileged boy's education. She also works closely with an institute for special children.


You can visit her at http://www.bhaavna.com
Write to her at writer@bhaavna.com