Play with Me by Ananth #Book #Review

Review: Play with Me by Ananth

*Publisher: Penguin Books *ISBN: 978-0-143-42362-1 *Publication Year: 2014 *No of Pages 246 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction *Price: 250 *Rating: 2.5/5

My Review:

After the success of Fifty shades of Gray many Indian writers have started the erotic writing, but what I have read recently, among them only few have succeeded. Now about this book the protagonist Sid is a photographer in a boutique ad agency. 

Sid has everything in his life, a successful person. Then he meets Cara half-Indian half-Turkish from America as an intern in his agency. Cara is free spirited woman, bisexual and always in need for sex whenever Sid is around. She is so addicted to have sex with Sid, that whenever Sid looks at her in office, she gets aroused and masturbates in office washroom. Both Sid and Cara are like a sex manic. The book revolves between three characters: Sid, Cara and Natasha to whom everyone calls Nat. Natasha, married women without any children. Sid finds himself in love with Nat, while he was having affair with Cara.  

Actually I didn’t find a story in this novel, there is really nothing extraordinary in the book, only in the beginning of the book the small introduction is given about Sid, Cara and Natasha. Also I didn’t find character build up of Sid. According to my view whenever you read any novel there are some contents about sex, while this is completely an erotic novel. If you are an Erotic reader than there is everything you needed in this novel: threesome, bisexual, masturbation, lesbian, oh god I don’t have words now. What I didn’t like about the book is of fidelity; there is not a tinge of loyalty mention in the book, even married women are easily available.

Even though I have rated only 2.5, this book will be in top 5 fictional books in India, because the way protagonist is described in this book (a free spirited and hassle free life), today’s youth’s needs to live a life mentioned in this book. This book is not that much interesting, but one can read in a leisure time.
Also the writing is simple and flow is fast, you can complete this book in very short time.   

 Note: I got this book from thinkwhynot, also a letter from Penguins VP, in which appreciation about this book is done by different author, media and news channel.  

From the back cover:

Sid is a successful photographer in a boutique ad agency. He is single and has everything he wants – a great job, great colleagues and a hassle-free life. But if there is one thing that has eluded him, it is love. Until the gorgeous, free-spirited Cara walks into his life. Sexually obsessed, the two begin a charged affair that disrupts all his notions of love and transforms the way Sid thinks about erotic pleasure. But then something unexpected happens – Sid finds himself falling in love with another woman.

About Author:

Ananth is a photographer, dog lover and a bibliophile. This is his first novel.