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Love Last Forever..... by Vikrant Khanna Book Review

#Review Love Last Forever.... by Vikrant Khanna
*Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors *ISBN: 978-93-82665-17-5 *Publication Year: 2014 *No of Pages: 248 *Cover: Paper Back *Language: English *Genre: Fiction *Price: 150 *Rating: 4/5


The protagonist Ronit, a naval student instantly falls in love with Aisha on his collage graduation day. Aisha is also the sister of his enemy and a batch mate Priyank. After seven years in relationship they decides to marry, but just after the week of his marriage Ronit thinks he has done a big mistake by marrying Aisha. So to run away from his wife, Ronit takes a voyage, even though knowing that ship will sail through the route of Somalia. Unfortunately Somalian pirates hijack their ship, where Ronit hears the love story of his captain and his tragic end. Ronit realizes his mistake and starts a new life after returning from his voyage.    

My view:

This is a must read for those who are in relationship, planning to marry their loved ones, who are on an edge of divorce and for today’s teens who are not serious for their life. Tears rolled through my eyes while reading this book, it’s an eye opening book typically for the Indian married man who generally gives my more importance to family tradition. I think disputes arise only after lover becomes a husband.

This is a page turner book. The writing style of the author is excellent, fast paced and without any difficult jargons. The way of expressing the story i.e. past and flashback of the captain is excellent. Every character has given a due importance. It’s not a sad story, many a times hilarious events are also mentioned in the book which rejuvenates your spirit to read further. The most funny chapter I liked, is 21st the platonic honeymoon, you must read this. The titles of every chapter are perfect with dates and place of incident is mentioned on it. Generally we are used to positive or favourable outcome at the end of the story so one can easily predict the end of the story. The plot is completely different from the typically love story, rather it’s a mixture of love story with household disputes (i.e. sas-bahu ingredients). It’s a perfectly interesting read.

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So you think your love can last forever…?

Get married!

Eighteen-year-old Ronit falls madly in love with Aisha the moment he meets her at his graduation day from a naval college. He believes he has found his perfect soul mate, and come what may, his love for her will last forever. Seven years later, he gets married to her. Big mistake! A week later, he completely hates her and believes she has turned into a devil.

But his perception about love and life change when he hears the poignant love story of Shekhar, his Captain, on a ship that later gets hijacked by the pirates of Somalia. As they are left fighting for their lives; they confront if love truly can last forever…? But does it get too late?

About Author:

A Sailor by profession and a writer by passion, Vikrant has penned two novels before this. He lives in Delhi with his family.
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