Review: Fall like a rose petal by AVIS Viswanathan

Review: Fall like a rose petal by AVIS Viswanathan

*Publisher: Westland Ltd *ISBN: 978-93-84030-44-5 *Publication Year: 2014 *No of Pages: 279 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Self-help *Price: 350 *Rating: 3.5/5

My view:

After a long time I have got a chance to review the book on self-help. This book of AVIS is an incredible journey of a family, how to survive at the time of penury, bankruptcy and a constant nagging from creditors. Avis Viswanathan a life coach and inspirational speaker who provides coaching to top entrepreneurs, who himself is the victim of penniless, but the author inspires the readers through this book that even in this situation also, never underestimate your willpower, have trust in a God, everything will be alright.

What started as a diary by Avis to his children Aashirwad and Aanchal is now what we have got as a Fall like a rose petal. It’s a series of letters from dad to their children about challenges he has faced everyday. Friends become foe when author was unable to return his money, a court notice from creditors, loan from mafia and confession to mafia about his situation. Friends also helped them when car was impounded by the bank; one friend paid the fees of his son who was studying abroad.      

Seriously, it requires tremendous guts to confess by writing a book about ‘penury’, clash between Avis and her mother, taunting words from his brother and sister. This is one of the best inspirational books; giving only one incident from the book i.e. the author survived with only meagre cash of Rs 500. Also at the time of adversity God has always rescued them from devastating circumstance (miracles do happen). 

One of the best thing which I liked about the book where author has acknowledge the 179 creditors, to whom author has described as an Angels who has helped to survive and find meaning of life and awaken his spiritual journey.


In early 2008, the author AVIS Viswanathan and Vaani - his soul-mate, friend, wife and business partner - were staring at a bankruptcy of their Firm. A series of business decisions had literally brought them to the brink of penury. This book is their story. It captures learnings from this excruciatingly painful.

Life-changing, phase that they are still going through. It also explores the nature and continuum of Life. There is no beginning to the story. There is no end either. There are simply experiences. Of hopelessness. Of fear. Of insolvency. Of pennilessness. And also of faith, patience, love, companionship, abundance and soul. Of integrity and of leading a principled Life, despite temptations to take the ‘easy way’ out of painful or messy situations. This book has been written to share how AVIS and his family have learned to be happy despite their circumstances. You too can benefit from their learning, and experience, and discover the right way of thinking, living, working and winning in Life - for yourself!

About Author:

Viswanathan, 47, is a Life Coach, an inspired speaker, author and organizational transformation consultant who leads change management, culture and leadership development mandates in the corporate sector globally. He is currently a Principal Consultant at a v initiatives, a Specialist Consulting Firm that inspires Workplace Happiness.

AVIS is a well-known and acclaimed speaker whose Talks invoke soul, provoke thought and inspire action among the audiences he addresses. In the past, AVIS has been ranked among the Top Ten Motivational Speakers in India by The Week magazine.

AVIS says he always lives inspired by Life!
He describes himself as follows:
Student: Learning from Life...
Coach: Awakening People to the Right Way of Thinking, Living, Working and Winning...

Motivational Speaker: Inspiring Happiness...

Author: Sharing Life’s Lessons with those who pause to reflect…

Consultant: Specialist in Individual and Organizational Transformation...
He sums up intelligent living in a line: ‘Have Integrity of Purpose, All Else Will Follow.’

AVIS’ first book, ‘Fall Like A Rose Petal – A father’s lessons on how to be happy and content while living without money’ has been published by Westland.