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Book Review: RapeScars…. They never heal…. By Gaurav Sharma

Book Review: RapeScars…. They never heal…. By Gaurav Sharma

*Publisher: Petals Publishers & Distributors *ISBN: 978-81-929827-4-8 *Publication Year: 2014 *No of Pages: 151 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction *Price: 150 *Rating: 4/5

My View:

To write anything on sensitive issues like Rape is very challenging task and this issue was talk of town because of devyani/nirbhaya (name given by media) gangerape. In India we read daily in newspaper about rape and flip the page but we don’t know the dilemma or how devastated the victim must be both mentally and physically. Here author has perfectly portrayed the emotional situation of the girl Akriti. A hard reality of our society is exposed by the author; by reading the book one can know how relatives and neighbors treat the victimized. In India victim is being blamed by the community rather than the molester.

Now about the book, its a story of a girl Akriti who is gang raped by her boyfriend and his friends. She was broken and narrates the entire incident from his first meting with Raman Chaudhary to his family. Akritis father a journalist and her mother supports her and insists to lodge complain against Raman. And what follows is a consequence in court room where Akriti makes an unusual request to marry his boyfriend who has raped her. So to know further you should grab the book from the store.
What I liked the most is the female character i.e. Seema Tripathi the lawyer, a sentence spoken by Akrit’s father to her after returning from police station on page no.60 about relationship.

Some of the interesting lines from the book:

I didn’t know what was more painful – his abusing my body or his abusing my trust. Page no. 39
Getting raped was not your fault but not reporting it will be. Page no. 43
Grief is a great teacher. Page no. 50

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A girl is raped! Her parents insist to report. Police tries to scuttle the case. Her fathers influence works! Doctor, the fourth man, sees her bare. The defense lawyer encounters with obnoxious questions. As if, she had inveigled the innocent boys. As if, shes the one accused and her violators are seeking justice against her. She feels & experiences being raped in public again. Her lawyer manages to seek conviction! Akriti wins the case but refuses her culprit to have imprisonment.

Why does she do this?
What does she decide then?
Is this the decision of her or raped mind?

Rape Scars is the voice of a rape survivor who thrives to stand against the violation of her persona.

About Author:

Gaurav Sharma, a Mathematics teacher by profession and a writer by passion. His first novel is Love @ Air Force which is a bildungsroman literary novel, brought out by Blackbuck Publications.
He also contributed a poem in The Essence of Eternal Happiness which is a collection of poems from 29 poets from six countries.

Lunacy for his dreams, he claims, has helped him being a published writer. As a writer, he doesnt want to be just a storyteller but yearns to create a stir.