Book review Dreams don't lie by Ansuya M

Book review: Dreams don’t lie by Anusuya M.

My view:

This is first time I am reading any paranormal thriller. I find this book bit slow in the beginning but it started its pace after some 100 pages it literally becomes page-turner, the character buildup is good and the language is simple which I liked the most (today’s author use very descriptive words which are irritating many times), also the narration style of the author is excellent, she perfectly describes any particular situation. 

One thing which I didn’t like is the cover of the book; I think there is no connection between the content of the book and its cover. Also description on back cover (blurb) should be informative while in this novel, almost story is being revealed. 

This book is a combination of paranormal, thriller, suspense and vengeance so I recommend this book to every reader; you won’t disappoint reading this novel.  

P.S: Heartily thank you to the author for giving hard copy for review.


Wasim is a normal software guy with his routine life. He comes in contact with a group which is involved in shady activities. In a surprising turn of events, he finds out hat his real name is Shiv, and heir to a huge business empire, the Kailash group and his real parents were murdered. He travels to his birth place with his father’s friend Vikram to find out the real truth behind the mystery.

Everything points to the huge money involved. He meets his relatives there, who do not seem to be as they look.
With the help of his friend Kranti he tries to find out the truth. But as he gets closer to unraveling the truth, people associated get murdered. He finally finds out shocking truth about his parents, that his father was a serial killer and his mother had premonition powers. Shiv, in turn comes to face a powerful antagonist Krantiveer. Does he find out the truth behind his parents murder?

Neha, the colleague from his office who has feelings for him stands by him throughout. Does Shiv reciprocate her feelings in the end?

About Author:

Anusuya M is passionate about writing and by profession an engineer. Having spent most of her life in the Spiritual city Tiruchirapalli she traveled to metros and learnt to appreciate the wonders of small and big cities. Dreams don't lie is the first book which is set in Mumbai and the fictional city Shanpur.

What if all our dreams had a meaning? Dreams don't lie is based on the dreams a son has of his mother with a spurt and essence of mystery,thriller,paranormal and spirituality added.

Currently Anusuya lives in Mumbai and continues to write and dream and live out her passion.

She loves to read genres from mystery,thriller,Spiritual to Romance.