Book Review And the Mountain Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Book Review: And the Mountain Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

My view:

What can I say about this book, written by one of the renowned author. I have read both his previous books, he is definitely master storyteller. He is great with words and all his stories are heart touching, he has portrayed emotion, hardship and difficult time very well. In this book it shows how decision affects the life of poor people, how family split apart by poverty.

There are many stories within this novel, also many characters which are intertwined, each chapter is told from a different characters point of view. The writing is so rich that it seems you are watching a movie. You can’t compare this book with author’s previous books, although his base is always Afghanistan’s pre-war days. In this novel the last 100 pages are the most interesting, according to my view where the whole riddle is being solved. Many a times this novel gets so emotional that tears rolled through my eyes. 

This novel is another masterpiece from the author. The readers are captivated from the first page; it’s truly a page turner novel. The book is a mixture of love, loyalty, hatred, poems, war, peace, tragedies, re-union etc. The long aviated and highly anticipated book from Khaled Hosseini will not disappoint you.