Book review The Apocalypse Trigger by Douglas Misquita


Book Review: The Apocalypse Trigger by Douglas Misquita

*Publisher: Douglas Misquita *ISBN: 978-93-5196-037-9 *No of Pages: 244 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction/Thriller *Price: 375 *Rating: 3/5

My View:

It’s a perfect Hollywood script, the plot is excellent and the writing style is totally different. I have read all the books of Douglas Misquita i.e. Secret of the Scribe and Haunted, but this is totally different and awesome read. Once you start the Apocalypse trigger you will know that you are in hand of very efficient writer, the story will keep moving briskly from the first page to the back cover of the book. The innovation and creativity of the author reveals beautifully throughout the novel.

The author is skilled storyteller without doubt; the details and surroundings are described thoroughly. I liked the mixture of adventure and thriller. But one of the things which I didn’t like is character names, it’s very hard to remember and also have to flip dictionary for many words.

All in all, the entire apocalypse trigger is difficult to put down, so I highly recommend this book to thriller lovers, a fast paced gripping story. And yes perfectly scripted action scenes also. 


In 1947, a freighter in the Malacca Straits sends out a macabre distress signal. When help arrives all the officers and crew are found dead – with no visible signs of injury.

An environmental disaster in British Colombia pits Billy Bradford against Future Energy Group and its ruthless head of security, Luc Fortesque.

A devastating terror strike on the world’s grandest luxury hotel has the globe clamoring for the head of the mastermind, Sebastian Laporte.

But the three men will soon become pawns in a plot that dates back to the end of the World War 2 and the collusion between a powerful, centuries-old cabal and a rogue priest.