Sunday, 28 June 2015

Book Review: Beautiful Thing by Sonia Faleiro


*Publisher : Penguin Books *ISBN : 978-0-14-351851-1 *Gener : Non-fiction * No of pages : 214 *Amount : 299 INR *Rating : 4/5

My View:

Excellent, the book describes the true reality of Bombay dance bar girls, when the bars were at their prime time and after the banned by the government. Faleiro manages to pack lots of things like pimps, gangsters, police, madams, hijras etc. The book is fast paced, perfectly observed and full of curiosity. 

Faleiro portrays the life of Bombay dance bar teenage girl Leela, her journey from small village to Bombay, their night life, struggle for survival and her bitter world. The first half of the book revel’s the life of dance bar and second half deals after ban imposed by government. The conversation with the character is mixture of English and Hindi. The author has perfectly observed the mentality of men, from one girl to another, from one bed to another for physical satisfaction, and because of this types of nature the girl’s life like Leela are being ruined.

What I liked about the book is its way of writing, the story is told in conversation between author and the protagonist Leela. The dark side of Mumbai is perfectly crafted by the aurthor.

Also the book is based on extensive research on sex workers, policeman, madams, pimps, bar owners, hijras etc; the author has researched on this topic for more than 5 yrs. I am a big fan of investigative journalism, so according to my view this is a must read book. Beautiful Thing is very informative and engaging book.


Leela is a bar dancer in Mumbai. She is young, beautiful, determined and hedonistic. She is also-destructive, cynical and full of despair. When the dance bars are banned, the young woman and her friends find their worlds slowly giving way. Hailed as one of the most important books of 2010, Beautiful Thing is reportage at its finest.