Book Review: Legacy by Mohan Prasad

Book Review: Legacy by Mohan Prasad

My view:

Legacy is an inspiring story written by IITian Mohan Prasad and it is about India after independence. I felt regretted after completing the book, why it’s completed so fast. After completing the book I felt satisfied that I have read very good book so far. The book lightens us to almost every social issues of India; also there is romance, history, sacrifice, learning, politics, etc. The novel keeps the reader engaged till the last page.

I have seen many books are being side lined or not marketed properly by the media even though it’s worth reading; legacy is among such book. Legacy is one of the best book for those who are interested to know about Indian politics. Every patriot should read this book. We can see through the eyes of two protagonist Darshan and Anita, the enchanting history of India.

Jai Prakash Narayan rather JP an inspiring politician which is perfectly intertwined in the novel by the author, also the character of Darshan’s father is one of the best sources of knowledge to the protagonist as well as to the readers. People blame to our current ruling party for riots but after reading this book I came to know what Congress has done after the assassination of Indira Gandhi is more devastating and was very brutal to Sikh community at that time.  

The author has very well combined history with the love story of Darshan and Anita. A lot of hard work and a well researched book, and hats-off to the author for the way he has represented the whole novel to the readers. A must read book.

There are many Interesting facts you will know from the book, but I am providing some which I liked the most:

1.      The forced sterilization done by Congress at the time of Emergency.
2.      Origin of Banya community.
3.      The revolution of Che Guvera.
4.      Origin of Sikh community and difference between Hindu and Sikh.
5.       Life of Indian Prince before Independence.
6.      GDP of India before British ruled India.
7.      Reward to the founder of Chess by Indian king. 


The search is on, not for something concrete but abstract. Anita and Darshan, two teenagers in Love, explore the land they love and the people they live among, driven by their dreams of making an ideal society out of a chaotic India. They learn from their own heroes-thankfully India abounds in great men and women. But fate betrays them. Their ideologies diverge and the road forks.
Darshan ends up an acclaimed healer; Anita becomes a dreaded Naxal strategists. Love, both presence and absence of it, runs through the tale, while Indian history unfolds for a free, but confused generation.

*Publisher: Leadstartcorp *ISBN: 978-93-84027-63-6 *No of Pages: 332 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Historical Fiction *Price: 225 *Rating: 5/5