Book Review: Mafia Queens of Mumbai by S. Hussain Zaidi & Jane Borges

Book Review: Mafia Queens of Mumbai by S. Hussain Zaidi & Jane Borges

My View:

Mafia queens of Mumbai is collection of 13 women who made their mark in the world of crime. You will find wives, mistress, lovers and other women attached to the crime of Mumbai Mafia’s. S Hussain Zaidi a veteran journalist has written non-fiction in such a way that it seems we are reading short stories. The book is a master piece of investigative journalism; also the narrative style of the author is mesmerizing. Each and every story is crafted in such a way that it seems like watching a movie.

These are the stories of educated and uneducated women who ruled the underworld at several occasions. Some were forced to this business, some entered without knowing, some to take revenge for their husband’s death, other got into it for their loved ones, many were innocents doesn’t know the outcome, and other were pushed into this business because of poverty or injustice.

Each and every story is real and it is taken from police case reports, official dossier, anecdotes and interviews with people related to these females. The story of Jenabai daruwali and Gangubai of Kamathipura is quite good and captivating. Just think Haji Mastan, Karim lala, Dawood Ibrahim and other gangster sitting in one roof and the meeting was organized by Jenabai Daruwali, how powerful she was that even mafias never gone against the verdict made by her.  

It’s a brilliant tale of strong women of Mumbai mafias. Read it to know the real life and the world of gangster.


Smuggling, gun-running, drugs, terrorism – for many decades, Mumbai has lived under the shadow of the Underworld. Dawood Ibrahim, Karim Lala, Vardarajan Mudaliar: these are names that any Indian would recognize. Analyzed in print, immortalized on film, their lives, their gangs, their ‘businesses’ are out there for anyone who wants the information. But there have been women, too, who have been part of this murky, side of the city, walking along side, sometimes leading and manipulating men in the Underworld to run their own illegal businesses. Here, for the first time, crime journalists S. Hussain Zaidi and Jane Borges explores the lives of some of these women, and how, in cold blood, they were able to make their way up in what was certainly a man’s world.

From Kmathapura to Dongri, from assassins to molls, this is a collection that tells the stories of women who have become legend in Mumbai’s streets, lanes and back-alleys. Absorbingly told, impeccably researched, Mafia Queens of Mumbai reveals a side of Mumbai’s Underworld that has never been seen before.

*Publisher: Tranquebar *ISBN: 978-93-80283-77-7 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Pages: 290 *Genre: Non-Fiction/Crime *Price: 250 *Rating: 5/5