Book Review: Made in India by Biddu

Made in India by Biddu

Book Review: Made in India Adventure of a lifetime by Biddu

*Publisher: Read Out Loud *ISBN: 978-81-93136-00-3 *No of pages: 249 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Non-Fiction/autobiography *Price: 295 *Rating: 4/5

My View:

Very less are fortunate to convert their passion into their profession, Biddu is lucky he persuade his carrier in music. I liked the title Made in India Adventure of a lifetime; here adventure of lifetime is very symbolic we find how an ordinary guy with great passion converted his life into a celebrity. At the time of 70’s when parents doesn’t allow their child to make their carrier as a musician or singer, Biddu gone against all odd to make his dream come true.

The book is written from school days where Biddu and his friend bunked their school to reach UK for the music, after two failed attempt they succeeded in his third attempt to perform in Hyderabad and from their very interesting journey begins.

I felt this book is very inspiring, because an ordinary boy who starts a music band with his friend, they first performs in Hyderabad, from then to Kolkatta, came to Mumbai, in Mumbai played in Ambassador and Astoria Hotel. Then Biddu started as a solo in the name of Lone Trojan. Biddu wanted to go UK, but his money and passport were stolen by an unscrupulous travel agent, so he started another time with new identity. The new agent gives him a cargo ship ticket to Basra. Biddu got off the boat at Basra, and then he hitchhiked his way from Basra to England. For six months he travelled through Iraq, Bahrain, Dubai, Syria and Lebanon. This is one of the best part of the book where he survived with meager or no money. He sang for food and shelter, also he was very fortunate that wherever he went people supported thought his travelling.

In last chapter he mentioned why he has given the title of the book as Made in India, its given because of his best selling album in India where he composed for Alesha Chinai, also Biddu says that no matter wherever he is in the world he still loves his motherland India.

I always love to read biographies, autobiographies; these are the books where you find how the person survived at the time of adversity. I highly recommend this book, it’s an excellent read.     


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