Book Review: Karna's alter ego by Surendra Nath

Book Review: Karna’s Alter Ego by Surendra Nath

*Publisher: Dream house publications *ISBN: 978-93-84180-11-9 *No of Pages: 250 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction *Price: 175 *Rating: 5/5

My View:

Incredible this book is really awesome; it’s an inspirational novel, especially for today’s youth who feel very low when the situation is against them. This entire book is a message; one should follow at the time of adversity. The message of the book is try try until you succeed, similar like Bhagwat Gita gyan. It’s a best combination of mythology with 21st century.

I think everyone has watched the movie Munna bhai MBBS 2 where Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) talks with Munna (Sanjay Dutt), same happens here in the novel to protagonist, but her the message is totally different from the movie, here the message conveyed to Vasu by Karna is really inspiring. We know each and everyone among us has been faced with a situation where some other guy tricks us and grabs the credit, to overcome this types of situation, read this novel, although there is no solution but it will help you to see a positive outcome in any situation.

Writing style of the author is simple; but I felt the starting was a bit slow although the conversation between Vasu and Karana makes you read further, also I must say the entire novel is written with great creativity. I think this book will help you when you are low and doesn’t find any solution of any problem you are facing.

This is a rare kind of book which will feel you to re read and circulate it with others so that they will feel solace at the time of adversity. A must read book.


Karna, the ill-fated hero of Mahabharata. Many feel he deserved to win. If only luck had favoured him….

5000 years later, we have a man named Vasu, who is much like Karna -  born illegitimate, very talented but denied all credits in life, rejected in love, misses a medal in the Asian games, gets caught for telling an innocent lie, overlooked for promotion. He begins to identify himself with Karna, and interestingly Karna appears to him after every debacle to assuage and encourage him.
It seems Vasu is Karna’s alter ego.