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Book Review: Voicemates by Anamika Mishra

Book Review: Voicemates by Anamika Mishra

*Publisher: Jaico Publishing House *ISBN: 978-81-8495-767-9 *No of pages: 200 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction *Price: 250 *Rating: 3.5/5
My View:

If you liked to watch reality show or would like to participate in these types of shows, then this novel is for you. From last 7-8 years in India reality shows like Indian Idol, Voice of India etc grabs the biggest TRP’s, so to be famous and hardcore lover of music and singing, they dream to win this type of shows. Also we have got good singers from these types of reality shows.

Now about this novel, this is the story of Tulip Hill and Sam, Tulip comes from rich and somewhat orthodox family. Tulip wants to be a singer and she is hardcore music lover, her dream is to win the famous reality show “Voicemate” which is going to organize in her hometown Goa. On the other hand Sam is an orphan, he sings and play guitar for the living. Sam and Tulip meets in an odd situation and Sam convince Tulip to participate in reality show Voicemate.

I thought Sam’s character is not properly brought to the readers, how he knows more English songs, how he learns about lyrics even though he has not taken any formal training in music.

Anyways, there are pros and cons to every book but to be frank, I really liked the book, the cover of the book is excellent, and the writing style of the author is simple and easy to read. Also the flow of the novel is fast, can be completed in one sitting. Love story of Tulip and Sam is properly upheld thoroughly.

This book is a good message for today’s youngsters, it shows what actually reality shows means for them, these shows are a way of hope for youngsters to pursue their passion. Voicemates is an inspirational story, read the book to know the rollercoaster ride of Tulip and Sam.

Tulip Hill is an obedient and intelligent daughter to her disciplinarian parents. She has been a topper throughout her school, because her parents wanted her to be. Now, they want her to enroll in one of the best colleges. But Tulip harbors the desire to become a singer, for music is her only passion that helps her see through life’s miseries.

Then there is Sam – witty, easy-going and flirty. Both Tulip and Sam share their love for music. Yet, both dream of a different life.

What are to those dreams? What happens when they meet and enter the biggest duet competition together? Will their love blossom during this emotional roller-coaster?

Join the Voicemates in their musical journey to know more!

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