New diaper pants from Pamper


I still remember when my neighbor visited my place with her two little twins for the advice of my mom, because her child got rashes on her entire body. My mom told her to keep his entire room and surroundings of child, clean and hygiene, as the health and skin of every baby is very fragile. Now a days many multinational companies provides babies products, even herbal products for babies are also available in India.

In olden days shell powder (i.e. sea shell) were used as a talcum for babies, but now we are getting researched products for infants. We are getting advanced and comfortable products for the babies, also Pamper diapers are getting in a pant style were mothers don’t have to worry for wrapping. Also if you are purchasing Pampers pants then don’t worry for the rashes as it is available with gel inside the diaper which absorbs pee quickly and there will be no rashes for the babies. 

Important points which I came to know from my mother to keep baby healthy, I am just sharing with you all:

1. Prepare your baby for routine bath in the morning. This routine will keep babies skin clean, the water should be warm – not to hot, not to cold. After bath generally babies feel sleepy which is beneficial for mothers to do other activities.
2. Use 2 in 1 soap i.e. body and hair cleanser. Also soap should be with natural ingredients without any allergic reaction and irritation free.
3. After the bath clean with babies’ towel, and also that towel should be washed every fortnight with hot water.
4. Use moisturizing cream, ointment, natural oil or lotion after bath on your baby’s skin. In olden days butter was used for sensitive skin and at the time of winter.
5. Use sunscreen lotion at the time of direct sunlight. Also the sunscreen lotion should be chemical free and it should be made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as active ingredients, this are best against UV rays which are harmful for baby’s skin.
6. Generally newborn have jaundice at the time of birth so you should keep your child in sunlight in early morning. Your child will get vitamin D from the morning sunlight which is best for newborn babies.
7. Use cotton cloths (we call it as malmal) to clean, wrap or for day to day purpose as it is made from 100 percent cotton. And my suggestion to recent mom’s Please don’t use polyester cloth for you child, as it will adversely effects to child’s skin.    

And last but not the least enjoy the motherhood.

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