Happy moments of my life.

Happy moments of my life

M: Where are you? I am waiting for you
N: I am here only, I can see you.
M: you know I am waiting for you; it’s more than 2 hours now, my legs and back is paining. Please don’t teas me, you know I have to lie at home to meet you at this time. You know what I have told at home?
N:  no, I don’t know, but I am dam sure you will tell me what you have lied.
M: I told mom and dad that I am not feeling well and going to see the doctor, and will take some time.
N: ok ok now I know how desperate you are to meet me, so just turn to your right, I am standing in front of the Ozone mall.

I still remember every minute conversation between us; it was just previous day of our wedding ceremony. Ours was an arranged marriage and both the family is orthodox and some what strict by today’s standard. I went to her place to see her the day before our marriage. It was a day for haldi (turmeric) rasam and she was covered by haldi pastes on her both hands. We were living in a different cities, she was residing in a small town 110 kms away from my place. So I told my best friend that lets go to her place, I want to see her anyhow. My friend took me at my wife’s place within an hour in his new BMW, he ride his car just like a rocket.

When we reached at the mall she was wearing blue pajama and light yellow t-shirt with head covered with her chuni so that no one can guess she is a bride who’s going to marry tomorrow. Because of her haldi on both the hands, many peoples were starring at her and a young lady came to her and asked are you going to run with some one from your marriage ceremony other than your fiancĂ©. Then we me in the parking lot in the mall basement and spent more than 2 hours. It was the best movement of my life; we kissed and hugged as a Romeo and Juliet meeting after a long time that was my last smooch as a bachelor.  

As frequent call started from both the sides we have to separate and have to reach our destination home. On the other side police was waiting for us at a Toll booth as we have not paid any taxes while going through that booth, my friend started calling his dad who was a politician, because of his intervention the case was solved and the matter was not discussed with my father.

The matter was not known to any of our family member but later after on my anniversary celebration, my politician uncle who is my best friend’s dad reveled the whole event in front of our family. It was a fun movement of my life and my family members were happy to see both of us as a happy couple.

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