Music is our Life

Music is our life.

Just imagine life without music, their will be no entertainment in life. You can’t describe music in words, music is in our soul. Science says music affects our thinking process; music has a soothing power your mind will relax when you hear your favorite songs.

Neurologist says that listening to any particular music on any device in a loop will make your thinking process sharp and productive, and what I think that if you hear Indian classical or something like sitar will make your mind calmer. Recently in one of top magazine I have read that for stress management and for motivation music therapy is now recommended by many neurologists. One thing I have noticed that when we were studying we can’t remember our syllabus but if any song is being played of our era then we can recall the entire song without any mistake and if that particular song is a chartbuster than I bet you will sing along with the music just like a singer.

Now, I want to share with you all a recent conversation with my dad, when I asked him about songs and music he told me about his eagerness at the time of 1960’s when there were no televisions, the only entertainment was to listen Binaca Geetmala on radio. Binace Geetmala was started in 1954 and was aired till 1994. When anyone say about Binace Geetmala the first person comes to your mind will be Ameen Sayani, the person who hosted the show. My dad told even today in many villages people still listen to the old broadcast of Binace Geetmala on Vividh Bharti radio station.

When my dad told me about Binaca Geetmala I started searching on net about it, and came to know that it was first broadcasted on radio Ceylon in 1954 and then started on Vividh Bharti. Binaca Geetmala was about Hindi Cinema’s countdown show for the top filmy songs at that time, roughly 9 to 20 lakhs people used to listen at that time.

Now back to 21’st century, we are fortunate to have vast range of FM radio channels that provide different varieties of songs through the days. Even tier 2 cities like mine i.e. Rajkot having more than 4-5 FM channels. I still remember when Radio Mirchi and 92.7 Big FM started in my city in 2007 it was dream come true for many of my friends who are die hard listeners. This FM’s provide music for every age; you will find devotional/Bhajans early in the morning then chartbusters at noon, 80-90’s songs in evening and at night repetition of chartbusters. And one of the favorite programs I still listen is aired on every weekend i.e. DJ’s remixes on Radio Mirchi. I feel rejuvenated listening these Bollywood songs. Music is my passion and when ever I feel sad or not in a good mood I plugged inn my ear phones and starts my favorite songs in a loop for hours.

P.S. This is first time I am writing for hope my writing is appreciated by the team.

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