Sunday, 28 February 2016

Gender Prejudice

Gender Prejudice

Mom/housewife/women’s daily work cannot be compared in entire world, I bet the household activities which women can do, cannot be done by male. In today’s 21st century our Indian women work for 24 X 7, and if she is newly mom than her hectic schedule cannot be described in words.

I still remember my mother used to wake early at 5.00 clocks in the morning, so that we can reach school in time, because of her activeness I never got late remarks in my School diary. I still many times ask my mom, how you managed us in those days? when I see today’s kid eating junk food in recess time, I felt proud that my mom used to give us fresh ‘roti’ and ‘sabzi’ in our Tiffin box. I used to ask my mom ‘how you can manage all this activities and still looks fresh and happy’; and she used to say your happiness is my happiness. I am not blaming today’s mom, because of nuclear family the responsibility of women is much higher, as they have to manage not only her family but her job also.

Sometimes I think why our goddess are portrayed with more than 2 hands and each had bearing something or the other, but if you compare today’s women with goddess there are many similarities, like our goddess used to bear sword, lotus, musical instrument etc. in their hands, just like goddess 21st century women are managing broom stick, laptops, children, husband, cooking, job etc, very easily.   

Now, I would like to share with you my cousin’s incident which I have seen through my eyes. My cousin is married and having baby bay and girl for more than 10 years. Whenever her wife is not in town his house becomes totally mess. My cousin is so much dependent on her wife that he throws his towel on bed after shaver, which her wife has to pick and place it on balcony.

Now how to change this situation:

I don’t think this attitude of men will change in near future, the situation is worse in tier 2 cities and villages of India. Especially girls are taught from her childhood that they have to take care of his husband and his family, but no I must say boys must be taught from early days that they should do their household activities. They should not be dependent on her mother and sisters, from childhood the basics like ironing of school cloths, preparation of shocks, shoes and cloths to wear for school should be done by him only.

Further I would like to suggest that at least on weekend’s husband or male family member should make some meals for the family and do some household activities, so the importance of women can be known. And I think if today’s parents start discussing this types of issue with their child, and taught him to be independent then in near future dependence on mother and sister will be lower. What do you say?

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