Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Book Review: Life Mantras by Subrata Roy Sahara

Book Review: Life Mantras by Subrata Roy Sahara

*Publisher: Rupa Publication *ISBN: 978-81-291-3985-6 *No of Pages: 274 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Non-fiction *Price: 200 *Rating: 3/5

My View:

First of all I came to know about Sahara when I was teen, at that time there was a very inspirational song where the journey of Sahara being depicted, how from a small room Sahara became a giant business empire in India. 

Now Life mantras is all about lesson for lifetime, the entire book written in anecdotal format, it’s a thought provoking book from one of the India’s top Corporate honcho. The book is a keen observation of Subrata Roy. The book will guide you to solve day-to-day issues faced by different peoples, not only in corporate world but in social life also.  According to Roy God has gifted every human being with a sixth sense to take any situation by emotional and psychological way.

Subrata Roy has many times repeated and also elaborated the message, that each and every relations are based on some profit, no one does any work for free, whether it is for monetary gain, for emotional, mental or to be praised by the society.

Life mantras is inspirational book, will help you to find solutions in different situations. I highly recommend to those who are studying psychology, also very helpful for Human Resource managers.

Some of the heart touching material in the book and which I liked the most are

* Planetary Influences, destiny, misfortune and a strong knowledge base. 
* Knowledge of work subject (a must read for today’s youth)
* Emotional sphere of great men had a wide expanse to absorb the society and the entire humanity.


“Nobody does anything for anyone. Ass do for themselves – either for more and more material gains or to save and escape from any kind of material losses or from mental-emotional dissatisfaction or for getting more and more mental – emotional satisfaction. Therefore, no one sacrifices for anyone. When no one does anything for anyone, there is no justification in expecting any returns.”

The author goes on to explain that to make life truly beautiful, one also needs to understand the basic truths with which we are born or the basic instincts inherent in us all. So for a positive outcome one has to learn the psychological or the emotional aspects of life, in other words, the realities of life or the entire philosophy of life. As you get immersed in the potent energy of these ‘Life Mantras’, you will slowly find a change, a sense of fulfillment, a self-motivating coming in you. You will thus be led to the ultimate realization that the journey of life is indeed a truly blissful and an enlightening experience.