Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Book Review: Raaksha by Piyus Jha

Book Review: Raakshas India’s no.1 serial killer by Piyush Jha

*Publisher: Westland *ISBN: 978-93-85124-20-6 *No of pages: 233 *Genre: Fiction *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Price: 295 *Rating: 3.5/5

My View:

Raakshas is a fast paced, page turner crime novel, which describes the mental and emotional mindset of a brutal serial killer. This novel teaches us how a disturbed childhood turns an innocent child to a serial killer.

The book revolves between a protagonist and an antagonist i.e. ACP Maithili Prasad and a serial killer. Why the serial killer called Raakshas: the daughter dies after giving a birth to his son and the grandmother gives a name as Raakshas to the child. Also stubborn father’s attitude towards the child and his behavior towards him affected the mindset of a child. The main reason behind his brutality while killing is the society and the devil behavior of his father.

The plot is totally different from the general crime novels; and after reading this I must say it is very well researched novel. The bonus section and the chapter called afterward in the novel which shows the mentality of Indian family, if anyone is being diagnosed as mentally ill in his family, they doesn’t confess to the society for the fear of rejection.

What I liked the most is the bonus section, which shows the real incidents of lesser known serial killers of India. We are lucky that Indian authors are trying their luck in totally new areas. Now I am desperately waiting for the movie, especially for the character of Raakshas and the most important who will be the ACP Miaithili Prasad.

 I highly recommend to the crime/thriller lovers and to those who are studying human psychology. Enjoy the book.


What made him a serial killer?

Was he born with homicidal tendencies?

Did a harrowing childhood render him criminally insane?

The questions haunt, Additional Commissioner of Police, Maithili Prasad as she spearheads the greatest manhunt in Mumbai’s history. She’s determined to contain the reign of terror unleashed by a ruthless serial killer, but before that she must grapple with her personal demons htat surface to plague her with self-doubt.
Just as it seems that Maithili has begun to understand the deep-rooted resentment that drives the serial killer, he turns around and makes her the object of his revenge. Will she emerge unscathed from this ordeal?
The thrilling narrative of a serial killer’s life and the unusual and challenging investigation to catch him, uncovers a chilling trail of unspeakable torment and cruelty – the tale of Raakshas.