Saturday, 5 March 2016

Men's duty at home.

Men’s duty at home.

Why is it so, that men has to go for earning and women have to work at house. It is our age old tradition and being followed today also. I don’t know when and how this tradition was started but when I used to talk with many villagers, how’s the situation in your life. They say that today also man and women work together in field for cultivation (for betterment of society). Then why is situation worse in metros and tier two cities.

While writing this article I searched on net the program of Satyamev Jayate where men handle’s the entire house, from making food to entire activities of home and women works for the earning. The show was fathers stay in house, in India this tradition is new but it’s quite common in foreign land where I think there is good gender equality. I am not saying that this type of things should be followed in India but at least men should be the helping hand to his wife, sister or mother. In USA male is more than 16% caretaker of home while in India I didn’t think it will be more than 6%. After watching the episode of Satyamev Jayate, women are now happy that first step for the gender equality is set up in India.

In India we think more about others than over selves, men will think “what our society will say if I am helping my wife at home”, how will I face the society if they have seen me as a cooking food for my family members? Endless questions will arise in his mind. I am not blaming the men’s mentality but our age old system is such where men have to work and female have to cook.

From the childhood we are taught that some activities should be done by the female only, like whenever any guest visits our home only girl child is ordered to serve a glass of water to the guest, why is it so, now the change is needed, even boy should be taught to bring the glass of water to serve the guests. But I have seen in many families that if boy help for any household work, mother or sister will stop him by saying that these types work is reserved for female, rather you should go out and just earn the money, it will be more beneficial for the family.   

I suggest that domestic skills should be taught from the school itself. If students are taught to wash their cloths, to clean the house, to serve the guest, cooking or any other skill helpful at home than male dependency on women will be lower in near future. There should be one lecture in school where each and every work done by female should be taught to the male than only gender equality will be maintained in the society. 

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