Our trip to Sasan gir forest

Our memorable trip to Sasan gir forest.

Its 6.00 clock in the morning, wake up you all, the driver Santoshbhai has arrived at our door step and ringing the bell from half an hour. I still remember my mom’s words, it was our planned trip to Sasan Gir Forest to see lion and to roam in jungle, and then to visit wonderful beaches of Diu.

After a long time it was a get together of our family, everyone was happy to share their different types of experiences and our talking was continued till 2.00 clocks in the morning, so it was very difficult to wake when our driver reached in the morning. All our family members were ready within an hour to start our first family road trip to Sasan Gir. Ours was a hired Matador, to travel in forest areas and nearby places.

We started our journey at 7.00 in the morning and our first destination was a Swaminarayan temple at Gondal. This temple is called Akshar Deri, it’s one of the major sites for the followers of Lord Swaminarayn, and it’s the cremation site of Gunatitanand Swami. We all bow our head their and taken some light breakfast near by the temple to reach our next place that was TulsiShyam Temple.

TusliShyam is located in the forest area of Gir, and it is very famous temple of Lord Krishna, the idol is made from Black stone and it is said to be more than 3000 years old. Also there are 8 sulphur springs, each 4 for women and men. It is said that who every takes bath on this hot ponds will be cured from many ailments. This place is very mesmerizing especially if you reach after monsoon than you will bless to see good greenery. At TulsiShyam we have taken our lunch and followed in deep forest to Kankai temple.

Kankai is very famous for Kankeshwari Mataji, this temple is principal goddess for many castes of Hindus. Kankai was our night stay, so we have to reach at that place before 6.00 pm as there are rules for entry and exit from forest area. We reach the temple and it was day light, we all played cricket for sometime. The entire premise is surrounded with dense forest and there were no electricity, we were forced to take dinner at 7.30 pm. The electric power was generated through diesel engines, so there were no tube lights only yellow bulbs were hanging. We came to know from the volunteers that there will be no lights after 9.00 pm, so instructed us to make beds early, then also we all talked for 11.oo pm. When we were just going to sleep we heard a big roar of lion, many were shivering and rushed to one of the volunteer, he told us not to panic as this place is situated in deep forest, this is the route of Lion, also he told that the sound came from a distance of more than 2 kms. Don’t panic nothing will happen and go to sleep. Many slept and while other wake till the morning, one of my sisters was so panicked that she cried a lot to move our next destination. So we moved to nearby area Diu.

We reached the Diu after 2 hours journey and played a lot at Nagoa beach and visited old fort and Portuguese church. Diu was our night stay at Resort, which was booked by my elder brother. At last from Diu we visited the famous temple of Somnath and completed our journey to reach our destination home. Because of the Lion roar and our fun at different places and while travelling, this is one of the best memorable trip of my life.

P.S: Recently I contacted Kankai temple for night stay but they rejected, saying it is banned by the authority for a night stay at Kankai and near by place called Banej.


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