Book Review: by Vishal Bhatia

Book Review: by Vishal Bhatia

*Publisher: Quixotic options pvt ltd *ISBN: 978-93-5235-810-6 *No of pages: 340 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction *Price: 350 *Rating: 4/5

My view:

Very nice and interesting book by the debut author, first of all I thought that the book will be of typical Indian going abroad to persue his dream, but no this is totally different and unique book.

The story starts with an unusual scene, where protagonist Jangsher try’s to bang his first love Reet and her brothers reaches to the field and beats the protagonist. Then suddenly story jumps to the lawn of tennis into the Grand Slam of Australia. On the other side two young cousins Yug and Aman rides an Audi R8 to watch Grand Slam on a weekend, on the way they mesh up with a local mafia and loose a car to him. In order to get back their car they do many unusual things and also make a bet on Indian rookie Jangsher. For further I am not going to spoil the story so go grab the book and read an adventure journey of Yug, Aman and Jangshersingh. 

This is the first time I am reading any sports fiction. And now the writing style of author is clear and humors many times. You will get everything in the novel, adventure, sports, thrill and a bit of emotion. The positive outcome and a burning instinct to win of Jangshersingh are perfectly portrayed by the author especially after the trauma. The loved from the first page; simply it’s a page-turner novel, I highly recommend to the sports and tennis lovers.


Jangsher Singh, a top junior tennis player, meets with the sweetheart of his youth on one foggy afternoon outside his ancestral village in India. When he is caught in the midst of an intimate moment by her “very old-minded” brothers, the situation turns bloody; he will never again be the same. Several years later, a scarred Jangsher emerges in Melborne at a Grand Slam, a rookie wildcard at the top of his game.

His tournament record will determine the fate of two bumbling pseudo-geeks from Sydney – Yug and his tobacco-chewing cousin. Aman – who can’t seem to catch a break. The car they borrowed from their weekend gateway, an Audi R8 called Flame, has fallen into the hands of a british thief, and now they must do whatever they can to get it back.

Come Monday morning, will Yug be able to return Flame to its owner in Sydney? Will Jangsher be able to withstand the fierce gamesmanship of Hierro, the greatest southpaw ever to have played tennis? Might Aman be able to establish an official website for the Indian rookie in time to save himself from financial ruin?

Can Jangsher be victorious against Hierro? Will he end up facing the great and widely beloved Temujic – what chance might he possibly have of keeping up with the reigning champion? It will take guts of steel. No quarter shall be asked, and none given.