Friday, 1 April 2016

Book Review: Songs of the Mist by Shashi

Book Review: Songs of the Mist Book 1 The Monk Key by Shashi

*Publisher: Notionpress *ISBN: 978-93-5206-562-2 *No of pages: 197 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction/Spirituality *Price: 299 *Rating: 4/5

My view:

This is a wonderful and unique book, especially those who are seeking inner peace and spirituality. You can compare yourself with each and every character in the book; among all I loved the character of Ayan the scientist, whose character is described in such a way that I have compared myself with him.

The book is a spiritual journey of Ayan, Ashutosh, Vasudha, Anishka and Calliope they all search for the true knowledge of Spirituality in Himalayas, under the shade of a Tibetan Monk. They don’t have anything common, but they all gather to seek and learn from the monk. I think somewhere in our mind we want to know the purpose of our life on this planet earth, this book will give you some basic answer for your questions.

Please don’t compare this book with “Alchemist” or “The monk who sold his Ferrari”; this is totally different and unique book. You cannot complete this book in one sitting, as it keeps you thinking once you reach the end of every chapter.       

The writing style of the author is good, also the book is slow but the meaning is conveyed perfectly. We have a new author who words can transform your way of thinking for spirituality. A must read for those who seek spirituality.    


A life, less ordinary made extraordinary by the search for the divinity within. Tracing the journeys of people from varied professions, this is a tale of self-discovery, the science of spirituality and long – lost love while a young scientist comes to terms with his childhood dreams.
Join an uplifting narrative crafted by Shashi as he takes you on a journey with the Monk – high on the mountains and in depths of broken hearts.