Thursday, 16 June 2016

Book Review: Dial D for Don by Neeraj Kumar

Book Review: Dial D for Don by Neeraj Kumar

My view:

Just like the business, Dial D for don is the fact that how an organized crime doing their work in India penned down by non other than former commissioner of Police Neeraj Kumar. The reason why I liked to read the non-fiction is that you will get the true reality, what happened at that particular period or what is happening currently. Although I have read the S Hussin Zaidi but reading the real crime stories through one of the leading enforcement agency of India is truly spectacular.

Reading Dial d for don is like watching a bollywood movie on adrenalin. It show’s the true reality of organized crime in India. Neeraj kumar writes the 11 high profile cases when he was working as a member of CBI. Even though the title of the book is given on the basis of talk with Dawood Ibrahim by Neeraj Kumar, but there are many other cases which are more interesting then the title. Now there is a new bollywood movie which is going to release this year on the famous bootlegger of Gujarat Abdul Latif and Shahrukh khan is going to perform the lead character of the movie, the movie name is Raeess, so if you have read this book you will get to know the glimpses in the life of Abdul Latif. As we Indian’s are die hard fan of Cricket, the story of Match fixing is a must read to know how the fixing is done and how don earns money from betting. There is a story of “Atithi Devo Bhava,” where how our own crime branch is efficient to work with foreign police is perfectly showcased by the author.   

What I liked among this book is how CBI operates; CBI life is full of constraint, interference of politicians, and to work under government which leads to take tuff decisions for Crime branch. We know our police force is capable to cope with criminal but because of our slow judicial system and too much of interference of politician breaks the moral of Indian Police.   

The book is an easy read with super fast pace, it is easily under stable, also to know something from our own CBI is always fascinating, I highly recommend this book to crime lovers. Each and every story are different in their own way, too know how this criminals operate you must read this non-fiction.