Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Book Review: Once upon a time in India Alfered Assolant Translated by Sam Miller


Book Review: Once upon a time in India Alfered Assolant Translated by Sam Miller

*Publisher: Juggernaut *ISBN: 978-81-9323-726-7 *No of Pages: 222 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction/Adventure *Price: 299 *Rating: 4/5

My view:

In one word it’s an excellent adventure novel I have ever come across this year, just think, a person never visited India but then also writing a novel based on India, isn’t it very interesting and also hard thing to do?

What I liked the most is the attractive cover of the book, the image of Captain Corcoran is like a machismo having a curved mustache and old fashioned gun in his hand, with beautiful Indian princess along with tigress Louison. While reading the introduction I came to know that this book was very popular in French at the time of 1857 and then translated into different languages, but it was later translated in English (I think its because of author Alfred Assolant portraying Captain Corcoran as hero who was capable of defeating East India Company along with tigress Louison in India). Also I liked the translator Sam Miller’s notes and what mistakes done by the author at last pages of the book and notes for the research he has done for this book.  

This novel is a good resource for those who want to know about India at the time of 1857, when British just started to rule. While reading the novel you will know the relationship between France and Britain, also story is weaved in such a way that you will get ample of information on important moments of Indian history.

I am not going to spoil the entire story by giving the plot, but if you read you will get humour, adventure, action, romance, an intelligent tigress etc. An interesting plot which keeps you hooked up till the last page, it’s truly a page turner novel. The book has every ingredient to be a best seller.

I received a free paperback copy from the publisher Juggernaut Books in return of honest review.


It is the time of the Great Uprising of 1857. India is in turmoil. Captain Corcoran, a French sailor who has roamed the world, arrives with his pet tigress Louison. And so begins the adventure of his life, as he and his tigress join hands with a Maratha prince and his beautiful daughter Sita, to fight the British.

This fast moving story, with dramatic twists and turns, combines romance, humour and edge of seat suspense.