Sunday, 9 October 2016

Book Review: Belief by Mrinalini Mitra

Book Review: Belief by Mrinalini Mitra

My View:

I won this book in goodreads giveaway, when I got it on courier I just flipped the page and kept it in my shelf (I have kept it in my to read shelf for more than 6 months). And then one day when I was just cleaning the shelf, I picked this book and started reading it. Initially I thought why author has given the foreign name in the entire book, but while reading further it was clear in my mind that the character buildup and its name are perfect according to the storyline.

The author has perfectly portrayed in the eyes of Mason the past of Sophia and present life of Emily, i.e. present and past very well articulated. I don’t wont to spoil the entire story by giving its details, but I will at least says that read this book to know how this current generation is selfish and the old generation taking responsibility for upbringing the new generation.

The writing style of the author is simple and easy to understand, also book can be completed in one sitting but it will create a deep impact to the readers mind. Rather I am not that much fond of poetry but there are good collection in this novel. The debut author has exposed the modern relationship.

I am giving 4* for this book.