Book Review: Unlawful Justice by Vish Dhamija

Book Review: Unlawful Justice by Vish Dhamija

*Publisher: Harper Collins *ISBN: 978-93-5264-416-2 *Genre: Fiction *Cover: Paperback *No of Pages: 294 *Price: 250 *Rating: 5/5

My View:

This book is Un-put-down-able, excellent thriller I have read this month, I really loved this novel, especially the court scene, the writing style of author is too good that it sims you are right there at courtroom watching the entire scene. After reading this book I must say that I became fan of Vish Dhamija’s writing (would like to read his other novels) and also comment that he is Indian John Grisham.

A well researched novel on how court works are done, their procedure and what system is being followed in India is very well described by the author. The author has perfectly portrayed the dark side of upper class and the behavior of their children. 

The writing style of author is good; language is easy to understand no difficult jargons being used. The author has a technique to build suspense, and also the plot is excellent with equal importance to each and every character. From the beginning you will know who the rapist is but the murder mystery and the court drama with good dialogues makes the novel “page turner”.

As usual I don’t want to reveal the plot, but the blurb is enough to read this novel. I highly recommend this wonderful novel to those who loves to read thriller, courtroom drama and suspense.

One line which is very true in today’s world from this book “Even if you had the best possible evidence in the bag, a million other last minute things could take the case away from you in a moment”. Page no 99.

**I received a copy from writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review**


Baby, the sixteen-year-old daughter of the Diwan family’s household help, has been raped and brutalized. Vansh Diwan, a criminal lawyer, finds himself torn between a shot at justice for the girl and a very powerful client. He cannot bring himself to proceed at the risk of all that he has secured for his family. His wife Priti, distraught and devastated by her husband’s decision, turns to an old friend for help.

Akash Hingorani, top criminal lawyer and best friend to Priti and Vansh, must step up. He is Baby’s last chance. But things quickly unravel as Akash’s probe into the rape suddenly turns into a murder investigation. A powerful legal thriller that moves breathlessly from crime scene to courtroom to homes to lay bare the difference between law and justice.