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Most of the old temples have a large bell at the entrance of the temple and you need to ring it before you enter temple. Temple bells have a scientific phenomena; it is not just any ordinary metal. It is made of various metals including cadmium, lead, copper, zinc, nickel, chromium and manganese. The proportion in which each one of these metals is mixed, is the real science behind a bell. Each of these bells is made to produce such a distinct sound that it can... create unity of your left and right brain. The moment you ring that bell, it produces a sharp but lasting sound which lasts for minimum of seven seconds in echo mode good enough to touch your seven healing centres or chakras in your body. The moment bell sound happens, your brain is emptied of all thoughts. Invariably you will enter state of trance where you are very receptive. This trance state is the one with awareness. You are so occupied in mind that the only way to awaken you is with a Shock! Bell works as Anti-dote to your mind. Before you enter temple – to awaken you and prepare you for the taste of awareness is the real reason behind temple bell!



 Here is the scientific Reason. Must read and share...

 There are hundreds of temples all over India in different size, shape and locations but not all of them are considered to be in the Vedic way.
 Generally, the temples are located in a place where earth's magnetic waves pass through. In simple terms, these temples are located strategically at a place where the positive energy is abundantly available from the magnetic wave distribution of north/ south pole thrust.

 Because of its location, where high magnetic values are available, the Main Idol is placed in the center, and also because they place a copper plate written with some Vedic scripts, which is buried, beneath the Main Idol's placement known as "Garbhagriha" or Moolasthan, the copper absorbs the earth’s magnetic waves and radiates to the surroundings. Thus a person who regularly visits a temple and makes clockwise pradakshina of the Main Idol's placement, automatically receives the beamed magnetic waves which get absorbed by his body. This is very slow and a regular visit will make him absorb more energy, known as positive energy.
In addition, the Sanctum Sanctorum is completely enclosed on three sides. The effect of all energies is very high in here. The lamp that is lit radiates the heat and light energy.

 The ringing of the bells and the chanting of prayers gives sound energy. The fragrance from the flowers, the burning of camphor give out chemical energy. The effect of all these energies is activated by the positive energy that comes out of the idol. This is in addition to the north/south pole magnetic energy that is absorbed by the copper plate and utensils that are kept in the Moolasthan.

 The water used for the Pooja is mixed with Cardamom, Benzoin, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Clove, etc is the "Theertham". This water becomes more energized because it receives the positive-ness of all these energies combined. When persons go to the temple for Deepaaraadhana, and when the doors open up, the positive energy gushes out onto the persons who are there. The water that is sprinkled onto the people passes on the energy to all. That is the reason why, men are not allowed to wear shirts to the temple and ladies have to wear more ornaments because it is through these jewels (metal) that positive energy is absorbed in ladies. It is proved that Theertham is a very good blood purifier, as it is highly energized.

 In addition, temples offer holy water (about three spoons). This water is mainly a source of magneto therapy as they place the copper water vessel at the Garbhagriha. It also contains cardamom, clove, saffron, etc to add taste and Tulsi (holy Basil) leaves are put into the water to increase its medicinal value! The clove essence protects one from tooth decay, the saffron & Tulsi leave essence protects one from common cold and cough, cardamom and benzoine known as Pachha Karpuram, acts as a mouth refreshing agents. This way, one's health too is protected, by regularly visiting Temples !

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The Prophecy of Trivine: Book Review

Book Review: The Prophecy of Trivine written by Pulkit Gupta, Srivatsan Sridharan and Tnahsin Garg

Publisher: Good Times Books Pvt Ltd
ISBN: 978-93-806197-0-5
Year of Publication: 2014
No of Pages: 259
Cover: Paper Back
Language: English
Type: Fiction
Price: 250 INR
Rating: 5/5

First of all, hat's off to the author's for giving something out of the box to Indian reader's a science-fiction/fantasy, as in India we generally used to read love stories, campus stories or monotonous stories. Also I didn’t know the "meaning of the word Trivine" so I searched the site of this book and came to know the meaning which I am sharing with you all, the word “Trivine” is a portmanteau of the words “Tri” & “Divine” which signifies a team of three human beings & one divine being.”

The Prophecy of Trivine is a co-ordinated effort of three friends, generally where twins who are born with same mother whose ideas or views are different, while here we find three friend's who visualising similarly and implemented their ideas and what we got to read is an excellent work. The characters are beautifully created and well developed. Also, author's have so expertly put in their work to highlight various aspects of human emotion that ranges from love to hatred, from empathy to selfishness and compassion to greed. Also the writing is simple, where reader's wouldn’t really need to take assistance of a dictionary and flow is very fast.

The Prophecy of Trivine, is a sci-fi novel that follows the story of three men and an alien. The alien force's called Gucutep, according to the book these are the aliens who have created the mankind, and now they are contemplating to destroy the human race because the result of the creation aren’t as expected. But the youngest of all aliens Xona, who’s also the steward of the creation, objects to immediate termination and asks for extension.

Xona then travels the Earth and looks all around but she only finds disappointing results. Everywhere the human has only become the biggest enemy among themselves and are on a self-destructing mode.
Just when she’s convinced that the termination is inevitable, she finds three men in a forest who force her to re-think her decision. The first one is a scientist who pops-up pills instead of food and doesn’t mind putting his own life in line to conduct experiments whose name is Siv. The second one is a Phil, a wanted convict and an ethical hacker who is on the run because he is wanted in a scam. And the third one which is my favourite character Arty a jungle-boy who lives in jungle and likes to observe nature and paint. Because of this 3 human being Xona terminates the destruction of Planet Earth; I will not say how it is terminated. Just read this mind-blowing book, you will truly satisfy.  

This is certainly a page turner book. I will be looking forward to the sequel/s.

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From the back cover of the book:

An emissary of an advanced alien race travels to the Earth to undertake responsibility of an experiment that has gone out of control. The outcome of this fateful experiment, which was conceived millions of years ago by her species, now rests in her hands. As she prepares to deliver her final judgement, she comes across three young men in a sacred forest who change her life forever.

These three men – a scientist, a hacker and an artist – happen to take refuge in that forest, trying to escape from the oddities of their own unfair lives. Struggling with their dreams and demons, they begin to explore the dark and paranormal behaviour of the forest by forging a companionship. From the rare flora and fauna breathing alive on the ground to the deadly wide expanse of the whimsy black sky, everything they find is yet another puzzle unsolved.

Little did they know that four of them hold in their hands the future of mankind, and much beyond imagination, they are connected through an ancient Prophecy that was long lost in the sands of time.

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Byculla to Bangkok by Hussain Zaidi

Book: Byculla to Bangkok
Author: S. Hussain Zaidi
ISBN: 978-93-5136-225-8
Pages: 271
Publishers: Harper Collins India
Rating: 5/5
I was wondering who will be in the next book of S. Hussain Zaidi published, he has well portrayed Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar in Dongri to Dubai. As the writer S Hussain Zaidi is a veteran of investigative, crime and terror reporting one can find very inside operations of Mafias.

Byculla to Bangkog is about the book which describes the hidden life and brutal killings of gangsters or mafias which was occurred in the land of economic capital of India Mumbai. In the beginning when I started the book I thought that the history of Mills is not necessary but on the further stage I came to know that the description was relevant, because  Cotton Mills were the main cause from where jobless youth steps in the fields of Mafia. The titles or chapter of every incident are very precise like Raavan, Dawood’s Killing Machine, and Dance of Death in Dubai etc.

Many a times you feel that you are watching an Indian Bollywood movie where unusual twists and turns are waiting for you. Excellent details of sharpshooters are provided by writer, how they follow their trail when they execute their work, how sharpshooters get training in Dubai and Bangkok. Among all this gang war Mumbai Police were the most benefited as one or the other gang were getting weak and sharpshooters were killed among themselves.

I was curious how this police get information of gangsters but after reading this book I came to know that at the time of 90’s when their were no mobile phones and Pagers, Police force have to relie on human intelligence network i.e. Khabris. From this book one can find the conclusion that ends of every gangster is same with a brutal loss of their life. Their will be many murders in the history of crime which will remain as an unsolved mystery to the general public the reason is many politicians and police heads are involved in it.

Don’t compare the book with Dongri to Dubai because mafias are different. In Dongri to Dubai Dawood Ibrahim was centre point and in Byculla to Bangkok their are Arun Gawli, Amar Naik and Chhota Rajan, if you have purchased this book the reader will never regret. Provided an inside world of crime and Mumbai Mafias. In one word it’s a Must Read Book.  

Only one suggestion to writer that if their was Map of Mumbai in the book then it will be more interesting for the readers. 

This review is written strictly based upon my opinion. I have received this book from Thanx a lot for the book.

About the Author

S. Hussain Zaidi is a veteran of investigative, crime and terror reporting. He has worked for The Asian Age, Mumbai Mirror, Mid Day and The Indian Express. His previous books include bestsellers like Black Friday, Mafia Queens of Mumbai and the more recent Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia, and Headley and I. Zaidi is also associate producer for the HBO movie, Terror in Mumbai, based on the 26/11 terror strikes. He lives with his family in Mumbai.

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Hanuman Chalisa and Gayatri Mantra

Hanuman Chalisa and Gayatri Mantra

Any one who knows the Hanuman Chalisa? In Hanuman Chalisa, it is said :
"Yug sahastra yojan per Bhanu!
Leelyo taahi madhur phal janu!!
1 Yug = 12000 years
1 Sahastra = 1000
1 Yojan = 8 Miles
Yug x Sahastra x Yojan = par Bhanu
12000 x 1000 x 8 miles = 96000000 miles
1 mile = 1.6kms
96000000 miles = 96000000 x 1.6kms =
96000000 miles/1536000000 kms to Sun

NASA has said that, it is the exact distance between Earth and Sun (Bhanu).
Which proves God Hanuman did jump to Planet Sun, thinking it as a sweet fruit (Madhur phal).

It is really interesting how accurate and meaningful our ancient scriptures are.Unfortunately barely it is recognized, interpreted accurately or realized by any in today's time...

The GAYATRI MANTRA" the most powerful hymn in the world

Dr.Howard Steingeril, an American scientist, collected Mantras, Hymns and invocations from all over the world and tested for their strength in his Physiology Laboratory&
Hindu's Gayatri Mantra produced 110,000 sound waves /second...

This was the highest and was found to be the most powerful hymn in the world.

Through the combination of sound or sound waves of a particular frequency, this Mantra is claimed to be capable of developing specific spiritual potentialities.

The Hamburg university initiated research in
to the efficacy of the Gayatri Mantra both on the mental and physical plane of CREATION...
The GAYATRI MANTRA is broadcasted daily for 15 minutes from 7 P.M. onwards over Radio Paramaribo, Surinam, South America for the past two years, and in Amsterdam, Holland for the last six months.

"Om Bhoor Bhuwah Swah, Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Pra-chodayaat !"

"It's meaning:

God is dear to me like my own breath, He is the dispeller of my pains, and giver of happiness.I meditate on the supremely adorable Light of the Divine Creator, that it may inspire my thought and understanding."
The above information is worth circulating and sharing with one and all! How rich and wonderful are our Vedas.