Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Healthy tips for Babies soft skin and care.


This is my second blog for baby’s skin, why because I want to provide further information which I have gathered after writing my first blog. Many people say, when baby is born, mother’s second life starts.  But when mother looks at her baby, every pain goes away and becomes the happiest person on earth.

Newborns are delicate and so are their immune systems. Even fragrances, chemicals and dyes of clothing can affect the skin of infants. Now, because of the awareness through media and social networking sites, today’s mother becomes more concerned and prefers natural product while purchasing for their new born.

As a new parents you know your baby well but it’s important to keep your babies skin healthy, an uncomfortable child will not sleep and often cry which makes everyone unhappy. So I would like to provide some healthy tips for your knowledge about baby products, it’s your decision whether to use it or not. 

Important points for baby’s health:

1. Be careful when you buy any product for your infants, especially lotion, shampoo, soaps, creams and one of the most important i.e. diaper.

2. Massage your baby’s skin with virgin coconut oil daily, it’s a best moisturizer and protects skin from major breakouts.
3.After massage it’s important to wash or bath your baby with lukewarm water. When you use lukewarm water the skin get rid of dirt and excess massage oil.

4. Cleanse you infant’s skin every day with babies soap and with the help of sponge. Apply sponge on circular motion; it makes blood circulation better for kids.

5. Dry your infant’s skin with soft towel or fluffy towel (i.e. with light fur), if the towel is hard than it will affect to the skin of infant and it will create wrinkles.

6. As babies skin are soft, use lotion after bathing, there are many companies which manufacture products especially for babies, there are no harmful chemicals. Don’t use scented products in early months; it will irritate child’s skin, also new cloths should be washed properly before you put it on your child.

7. Now the winter season is started, so use moisturizing cream or lotion and then cover the body with sweater and gloves that will keep babies skin soft and silky for longer time.

8. Diaper rashes are common problem, so check frequently and soon after bowel movement. Now baby wipes are easily available in the market, so wipe it with it and sprinkles some powder. Also use pampers pants which are available with jell, which absorbs wetness easily and there are no harmful effect to the sensitive skin of your baby.

9. Sometimes make a past of banana and milk and apply it on baby’s skin, it will make skin soft and smooth. NOTE: if your child is allergic to milk then don’t do this, please consult doctor first before using this method.

10. Keep sick family members and friends away from your child, as the immune system are very weak of any new born.

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Monday, 16 November 2015

Book Review: The Recession Groom by Vani

Book Review: The Recession Groom by Vani

*Publisher: Leadstart *ISBN: 978-93-84226-58-9 *No of Pages: 295 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction *Price: 299 *Rating: 4/5

My view:

In India if you are a foreign return or settled in abroad, and still bachelor than you are best candidate for marriage, this is rat race for US. I still remember one of the girl from my street got married to Punjabi boy who was green card holder in USA, but within six month she was back to India, why, because her husband was already married to one of the local inhabitant. That girl’s life was ruined on the blind run to reach USA.

Now, Recession groom is all about struggle of protagonist Parshuram Joshi who works as an IT professional at the time of recession in Canada. The story tells how recession affects the perfect groom and his entire family, and how they cope up from this situation. The book is written very interestingly and the reality of recession is perfectly articulated by the author. Also the novel is all about Indian marriage, love marriage versus arranged marriage.

The character build up is excellent; especially the character of aunt parvati, if any bollywood movie is being made from this novel, than I am giving surety that the best comic award will be given to aunt parvati character. Also writing style and the language of the author is quite crispy.
One thing I didn’t like in the book and that is the end or the end is not according to my point of view, read this novel and you will also agree with me, as an Indian you will not accept this end.  

So far I highly recommend this book for anyone who is searching smart, intelligent and comic book for leisurely read, the novel will keep you entertained till the very last page. The story revolves around how arranged marriage works in Indian culture. I would really like to applause for the debut author. Overall a very enjoyable read.


Parshuram Joshi, 27, handsome, Hindu-Brahmin, IT Professional, settled in Canada, earns a high five-figure salary.
These are credentials that would make any young man hot on the Indian wedding market, so it’s no wonder that Parshuraman’s family is inundated with matrimonial proposals. While so far all attempts to ‘settle’ him have gone kaput, he has bigger issues vexing him - such as Jennifer, his ‘fireball’ of a colleague, and their efforts to save Project Infinite. To top it all, as the credit crisis grips the global economy, the little world he’s created for himself begins to fall apart. Will he be able to pull himself together to face the challenges posed by a tough economy? More importantly, will this Recession Groom be able to find his ‘perfect partner’?