Saturday, 21 March 2015

Book Review He fixed the match she fixed him by Shikha

Book Review: He Fixed The Match She Fixed Him by Shikha

*Publisher: Vitastapublishing *ISBN: 978-93-82711-50-6 *Publication Year: 2015 *No of Pages: 284 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction *Price: 175 *Rating: 3.5/5

My View:

Frankly speaking when I got the mail to review this book, I thought it is about cricket match fixing but I was wrong it’s totally different rather it’s a relation fixing. The book is about romance, revenge, agony, attraction, family, Indian traditional marriage etc. The language and word are simple and the flow is fast, also the character buildup and plotting is very strong from the beginning. The theme is totally different from what we generally read about love or hatred. The narration style is a plus point which grips the readers from first page.

The beginning of the revenge was excellently woven but it got vanished within two three chapters, I think it should be bitter. One thing I didn’t like is too much promotion of trip and matrimonial website, once or twice is OK but to promote website through your debut book is tough to grasp. Also the constant use of Scavin Eyewear is bit annoying.
One of the best things which I liked the most is simple yet very meaningful description of Seven Vows of Marriage by the author.

This novel is a good example for today’s generation where divorces are done faster than the time consuming to propose a girl. In one word a good book with meaningful message. So I highly recommend to every couple either in relation, married or have lost faith in love.


Shreya – I’m a highly qualified Delhi girl earning an enviable salary. My parents are having a tough time finding a suitable groom for me. However, recently they have a proposal from this very interesting guy from Mumbai. I almost get mesmerized when he starts talking to me. I think I like him very much.

Kunal – I’m owner of a textile company in Mumbai. My Mom wants me to get married. Again! She has recently suggested a suitable girl from Delhi. What my Mom doesn’t know is that I’ve met Shreya before once in my life and I’ve been looking for her ever since. I have a vendetta to settle.

The author takes you along on a journey via roads of revenge, agony, remorse, attraction, titillation, tantalization and romance. Do Shreya and Kunal make it, or do they fall prey to their past?

About Author:

Shikha Kumar has a B-Tech degree in Computer Science from Bhartiya Vidyapeeth, Delhi. Professionally, she is a Manager with Tata Consultancy Services. She has travelled to, and worked in different countries. She enjoys travelling, reading, writing and watching movies. This is her first attempt to present her writing abilities to the world.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Book Review The story of Nidhi Kapoor by Saurabh Garg

Book Review: The Nidhi Kapoor Story by Saurabh Garg

*Publisher: Grapevine India *ISBN: 978-93-81841-74-7 *Publication Year: 2014 *No of Pages: 313 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction *Price: 175 *Rating: 4/5

My View:

Wow, very nice an interesting crime thriller from the beginning. The author has very well represented five major weakness of human beings i.e. Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and hankarr. Starting from the author’s note this book is very captivating. I generally don’t read the books on bollywood because it doesn’t appeal me, so when the author asked me to review his book I thought let’s try, but after reading this book I must say if I have not read this novel then I would have missed a good novel.

There is every thing in the novel, glitz and glamour of bollywood, psychology of a star, murder mystery, suspense, and revenge. Also plot is extraordinary with simple yet good narration style, character buildup is fine but, if the character of Payal and her background were elaborated then it would be more interesting for readers. The book feels like a bollywood script rather than a novel and many characters features Indian yesteryear superstars.     

As a debut author, Saurabh Garg has done a brilliant job. I highly recommend this book for psychological thriller, crime and bolloywood lovers. 


When three pets were brutally killed in Kapoor’s house and letter was found in typewriter then why there was no forensic done for fingerprint marks from typewriter? Even though ACP knows by investigating that murderer is from kapoor house.

And what I thought there was no need to kill ACP Prakash Mohile and the suicide attempt by Rujuta Singh (pulling the trigger while aiming on her temple) because she is one of the positive and bold character of the novel.
Blurb -

Just when Nidhi Kapoor, a leading Bollywood actress, was to start shooting for her much anticipated film, unwarranted incidents start to happen around her. Her pets are found maimed in her very home. An anonymous letter threatening her and her family is discovered in her study.

The high-profile case forces ACP Prakash Mohile to lead the investigation himself. Rujuta Singh, a photojournalist shadowing Prakash for a project, gets embroiled in the case.

Despite intervention by the police, attacks continue to mount on Nidhi and the unknown assailant gets bolder and more vicious with each attack. The assailant is adamant on taking away from Nidhi everything that she holds dear – her career, her home, her reputation, her family and her life.

In absence of any clues or motives, Prakash and Rujuta are forced to dig deeper in the past of the Kapoors and they uncover a violent tale of lies, betrayal, treachery, infidelity and murder. A tale that the Kapoors want to guard at any cost.

Who is the unknown attacker?
Why is Nidhi Kapoor a target?
What are the Kapoors hiding from the world?

And, can Prakash and Rujuta save Nidhi?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Book review Dreams don't lie by Ansuya M

Book review: Dreams don’t lie by Anusuya M.

My view:

This is first time I am reading any paranormal thriller. I find this book bit slow in the beginning but it started its pace after some 100 pages it literally becomes page-turner, the character buildup is good and the language is simple which I liked the most (today’s author use very descriptive words which are irritating many times), also the narration style of the author is excellent, she perfectly describes any particular situation. 

One thing which I didn’t like is the cover of the book; I think there is no connection between the content of the book and its cover. Also description on back cover (blurb) should be informative while in this novel, almost story is being revealed. 

This book is a combination of paranormal, thriller, suspense and vengeance so I recommend this book to every reader; you won’t disappoint reading this novel.  

P.S: Heartily thank you to the author for giving hard copy for review.


Wasim is a normal software guy with his routine life. He comes in contact with a group which is involved in shady activities. In a surprising turn of events, he finds out hat his real name is Shiv, and heir to a huge business empire, the Kailash group and his real parents were murdered. He travels to his birth place with his father’s friend Vikram to find out the real truth behind the mystery.

Everything points to the huge money involved. He meets his relatives there, who do not seem to be as they look.
With the help of his friend Kranti he tries to find out the truth. But as he gets closer to unraveling the truth, people associated get murdered. He finally finds out shocking truth about his parents, that his father was a serial killer and his mother had premonition powers. Shiv, in turn comes to face a powerful antagonist Krantiveer. Does he find out the truth behind his parents murder?

Neha, the colleague from his office who has feelings for him stands by him throughout. Does Shiv reciprocate her feelings in the end?

About Author:

Anusuya M is passionate about writing and by profession an engineer. Having spent most of her life in the Spiritual city Tiruchirapalli she traveled to metros and learnt to appreciate the wonders of small and big cities. Dreams don't lie is the first book which is set in Mumbai and the fictional city Shanpur.

What if all our dreams had a meaning? Dreams don't lie is based on the dreams a son has of his mother with a spurt and essence of mystery,thriller,paranormal and spirituality added.

Currently Anusuya lives in Mumbai and continues to write and dream and live out her passion.

She loves to read genres from mystery,thriller,Spiritual to Romance.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Book review Kalyug by R Sreeram

Book Review: Kalyug by R Sreeram
*Publisher: Westland *ISBN: 978-93-84030-65-0 *Publication Year: 2014 *No of Pages: 383 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction *Price: 395 *Rating: 4/5

My View:

It’s a fast paced, political thriller. Nice and very interesting book to read. You will get everything in this book suspense, conspiracy, Indian army, politics etc to glue you for further thinking, what will happen next. The author has very well portrayed the mindset of Indian politicians and politics. Also while reading the book one can know how the political decision affects to general public, economy, media etc. The language is easy and the story line is so perfectly woven which keeps readers hooked up till the last page.

It’s an extensive research on Indian politics and democracy. A gripping story with perfect plotting and excellent character build up. It’s a brilliant work by debut author. You can’t predict this novel by R. Sreeram.    

I highly recommend this book to political and thriller lovers, even those who are pursuing carrier in politics.

What I liked:

On page 195 our current position in the world and what we were in past perfect said by the author. Also I don’t know what our constitution is but the suggestion given by author between pages 208 to 219 is mind-blowing like there should be qualified politician who must have cleared local governance test.    


He looked at his gun once more. The helplessness left him; in its place was hardened resolve that he would still have the final say. A third option. The middle-finger to the middlemen who had driven him to this. A few moments later, Major General Iqbal Qureshi fired the shot that shook the nation’s conscience.

The death of a decorated war veteran, one of India’s foremost military officials, triggers a chain of events that threatens to spiral out of control. The democratically-elected government is overthrown and a new one is formed in its place. A fierce and pure regime that promises its people the kind of governance they have been deprived of. Just. Fair. Unyielding.

Operation Kalyug is begun.

Caught in the middle is Balamurali Selvam, a writer who is still tormented by the memories of his persecution at the hands of the erstwhile establishment. As the new government battles factions fighting for control, international intervention, personal agendas and incompatible motives. Selvam is swept along, a bewildered pawn in a high-stakes game.

Forced to question everything he has believed so far, even his innate sense of justice, Selvam struggles to choose sides. Will his instincts fall him when he needs them the most?