Saturday, 30 January 2016

Happy moments of my life.

Happy moments of my life

M: Where are you? I am waiting for you
N: I am here only, I can see you.
M: you know I am waiting for you; it’s more than 2 hours now, my legs and back is paining. Please don’t teas me, you know I have to lie at home to meet you at this time. You know what I have told at home?
N:  no, I don’t know, but I am dam sure you will tell me what you have lied.
M: I told mom and dad that I am not feeling well and going to see the doctor, and will take some time.
N: ok ok now I know how desperate you are to meet me, so just turn to your right, I am standing in front of the Ozone mall.

I still remember every minute conversation between us; it was just previous day of our wedding ceremony. Ours was an arranged marriage and both the family is orthodox and some what strict by today’s standard. I went to her place to see her the day before our marriage. It was a day for haldi (turmeric) rasam and she was covered by haldi pastes on her both hands. We were living in a different cities, she was residing in a small town 110 kms away from my place. So I told my best friend that lets go to her place, I want to see her anyhow. My friend took me at my wife’s place within an hour in his new BMW, he ride his car just like a rocket.

When we reached at the mall she was wearing blue pajama and light yellow t-shirt with head covered with her chuni so that no one can guess she is a bride who’s going to marry tomorrow. Because of her haldi on both the hands, many peoples were starring at her and a young lady came to her and asked are you going to run with some one from your marriage ceremony other than your fiancĂ©. Then we me in the parking lot in the mall basement and spent more than 2 hours. It was the best movement of my life; we kissed and hugged as a Romeo and Juliet meeting after a long time that was my last smooch as a bachelor.  

As frequent call started from both the sides we have to separate and have to reach our destination home. On the other side police was waiting for us at a Toll booth as we have not paid any taxes while going through that booth, my friend started calling his dad who was a politician, because of his intervention the case was solved and the matter was not discussed with my father.

The matter was not known to any of our family member but later after on my anniversary celebration, my politician uncle who is my best friend’s dad reveled the whole event in front of our family. It was a fun movement of my life and my family members were happy to see both of us as a happy couple.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Music is our Life

Music is our life.

Just imagine life without music, their will be no entertainment in life. You can’t describe music in words, music is in our soul. Science says music affects our thinking process; music has a soothing power your mind will relax when you hear your favorite songs.

Neurologist says that listening to any particular music on any device in a loop will make your thinking process sharp and productive, and what I think that if you hear Indian classical or something like sitar will make your mind calmer. Recently in one of top magazine I have read that for stress management and for motivation music therapy is now recommended by many neurologists. One thing I have noticed that when we were studying we can’t remember our syllabus but if any song is being played of our era then we can recall the entire song without any mistake and if that particular song is a chartbuster than I bet you will sing along with the music just like a singer.

Now, I want to share with you all a recent conversation with my dad, when I asked him about songs and music he told me about his eagerness at the time of 1960’s when there were no televisions, the only entertainment was to listen Binaca Geetmala on radio. Binace Geetmala was started in 1954 and was aired till 1994. When anyone say about Binace Geetmala the first person comes to your mind will be Ameen Sayani, the person who hosted the show. My dad told even today in many villages people still listen to the old broadcast of Binace Geetmala on Vividh Bharti radio station.

When my dad told me about Binaca Geetmala I started searching on net about it, and came to know that it was first broadcasted on radio Ceylon in 1954 and then started on Vividh Bharti. Binaca Geetmala was about Hindi Cinema’s countdown show for the top filmy songs at that time, roughly 9 to 20 lakhs people used to listen at that time.

Now back to 21’st century, we are fortunate to have vast range of FM radio channels that provide different varieties of songs through the days. Even tier 2 cities like mine i.e. Rajkot having more than 4-5 FM channels. I still remember when Radio Mirchi and 92.7 Big FM started in my city in 2007 it was dream come true for many of my friends who are die hard listeners. This FM’s provide music for every age; you will find devotional/Bhajans early in the morning then chartbusters at noon, 80-90’s songs in evening and at night repetition of chartbusters. And one of the favorite programs I still listen is aired on every weekend i.e. DJ’s remixes on Radio Mirchi. I feel rejuvenated listening these Bollywood songs. Music is my passion and when ever I feel sad or not in a good mood I plugged inn my ear phones and starts my favorite songs in a loop for hours.

P.S. This is first time I am writing for hope my writing is appreciated by the team.

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Book Review: Ramayana The Game of Life: Stolen Hope Book 3 by Shubha Vilas

Book Review: Ramayana: The Game of Life Stolen Hope Book 3 by Shubha Vilas

*Publisher: Jaico Publishing House *ISBN: 978-81-8495-824-9 *No of Pages: 307 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Mythological / Religion & Philosophy / Self help *Price: 299 *Rating: 5/5

My view:

First of all this is not the first time I am reading this author Shubha vilas, I have already read his first two books among Ramayana series i.e. Rise of sun prince and Shattered dreams you will find both the review links here in this blog, and now about this book stolen hope is the third book among the Ramayana series. If you have not read the first two books then it doesn’t matter, here in this book author have provided short description about both the books in introductory chapter.


The story begins with Rama, Sita and Laxhman walks through the forest of Dandakaranya. Rama meets many sages through this forest and hearing the agony suffered by sages Rama vows to destroy every demon that have harassed this sages. All three moves to the south where they meet sage Agastya who live in Janathana, here they encounter with Surpanakha who proposes Rama to marry her, Rama does some mischief and diverts her to Laxhmana, Surpanakha doesn’t cop her rejection and attacks them, Laxhmana chops her nose and ears. Angry with her insult she goes to his brother Ravana to attack this brother and abduct his beautiful wife Sita. Here Ravana travel to Janathana and abducts sita in his pushpak viman to his palace. Then Rama and Laxhmana begins their search of stolen hope (to search sita) were they meet Shabari. Shabari guides them to monkey like human Sugriva. The book ends here and keeps the readers desperate for the fourth part. Now I know that the fourth part will be of Hanuman so I am also desperate to read the forth book. 

Now the writing style of the author is excellent, footnotes in every page are a plus point of this book which are ample ingredient for motivation and which transforms your way of thinking. Management students and HR managers should read all this three books were they can find solutions to cope with human relations. But let me clarify that this book is not only to HR or Management student but this is for every age. Our epic occurred 1000’s year ago but still we can find solutions from them in this modern world. Also the book is awe inspiration for day to day life.

What I liked the most:

The bonding of Rama and sita is so perfectly articulated by author that we cannot find such couples in this modern world. Lessons from the Surpanakha episode. The story behind the fruit Sitaphal and reason behind monkeys don’t eat them. And last but not least the writing style of the author is so good that the activities done by Rama, Sita and Laxhmana in forest sims like watching a sci-fi movie.

What I came to know:

Even though I know the Ramayana but after reading what I came to know that Rama never killed anyone in front of Sita, Laxhman never drawn any Laxhman rekha, importance of Chudamani for married girl and the invention of Tamil language. Suffering followed by Bharata when Rama was in exile for 14 years. 

Some of the heart touching footnotes:

+ Responsibility is not a choice it’s an honor. Page 46
+ Being a judge is a risky affair; surely someone will judge your judgment. Page 96
+ Life is a chewing gum that changes its flavor from sweet to bitter and bitter to sweet within moments. The moment you are comfortable, the taste switches. Page 202
+ A fish that swims on the surface is easily caught by the hawk of death. Similarly a man that floats on the surface of self-praise is certainly caught by the hawk of time. Page 212

I am reviewing 'Ramayana: The Game of Life: Stolen hope book 3' by Shubha Vilas as a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

Book 1: Ramayana The Game of Life: Rise of Sun Prince by shubha Vilas

Book 2: Ramayana The Game of Life:  Shattered Dreams by Shubha Vilas

Book Blurb:

In the evil labyrinths of Dandakaranya forest, human values are put to test. Rama’s righteousness, Lakshmana’s loyalty and Sita’s endurance reflect our own sense of values and judgment in difficult times. The story unfolds the facets of human life – the conflict and the trickery, the praise and the slander and, above all, the hope and the despair in the eventful forest life of the Exiled Royals.

Stolen Hope is about extreme deception and extreme love. It is about arrogant power and deep devotion. With every twist and turn, Rama, Sita and Lakshmana find themselves robbed of whatever and whoever they value most. 

Exploring the dynamics of human relations – between father and son, husband and wife, teacher and disciple – and the complex game of power and greed, Stolen Hope mirrors our own dilemmas in the modern world and teaches us how we must overcome them. 

Seek courage when everything, including hope, is stolen.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Book review: Timirpanthi by Dhruv Bhatt

My review: Timirpanthi by Dhruv Bhatt.

*Publication: WBG *ISBN: 978-93-82345-76-3 Language: Gujarati Genre: Travelogue/fiction Rating: 5/5

My view:

This is the first Guajarati author whom I am reading more than twice, the first book I have read of Bhatt is Akoopar which is based on Gir forest (life of maldharis) the second which I have read was on villagers living near ocean i.e. Samudrantike.

Now this book Timirpanthi is a travelogue written in a novel format, it’s a well researched book on nomadic tribes who live near villages but not in the village they migrate from place to place. They live in a region called settlement which was made by British government. This community was famous for their stealing work, they think theft is an art rather than a crime, according to them even rich people are also looting peoples but in a different way. Their forefathers were also doing the same thing, but at that time there were no currency so they use to steal crops from the villagers farm. At last to divert this new generation’s from robbery to main stream business by the protagonist by educating them is best portrayed by the author.

In short Timirpanthi is a page turner novel, mesmerizing from the very first page, I bet after completing this book, this will be your favourite novel other books of Dhruv Bhatt’s. The character buildup is excellent, and the way whole community is being represented by the author is really awesome. But I have seen one similarity about this author that the protagonist of his novel is always female character, I don’t know but he is trying to say that females are also important when it comes to earning or gut feeling is compared with male.

A must read book.