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The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami by Radhanath Swami Book Review

The Journey Home Autobiography of an American Swami by Radhanath Swami Book Review

*Publisher: Jaico Publishing House *ISBN: 978-81-8495-417-3 Publication Year: 2014 *No of Pages: 350 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Biography (Non-Fiction) *Price: 250 *Rating: 5/5

My Review:

Wow exceptionally, this is the mind-blowing book I have read in 2014. Hooked up from the very first page, every Indian should read this book. Today our culture is diverting from spirituality, the base of our Country India.

At the age of 19 in 1970’s, Richard Slavin now Radhanath Swami, born in Jewish family travels to Europe with his School friends, an overseas summer trip. In his teens, Richard grows his hair long, smokes pot and takes LSD, lives with hippies, on the very first night their money is stolen, so the journey begins with hitchhiking. Richard begins his spiritual journey with his friend Gary; in Europe they visit many places like cathedrals, religious sites and spiritual places. While in meditation at Isle of Crete in Greece, Richard decides he must go to India for spirituality, while his friend Gary heads to Israel.

Alone in a journey (mostly hitchhike) Richard travels through one of the dangerous countries of the world: Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. After facing near death experience in Iran and Afghanistan Richard enters India for spiritual Quest. Richard roams in India as a mendicant without any particular schedule, sleeping at the bank of river, living in a cave, deep in forest, under trees to find the true meaning of spirituality, in a search of a mentor.

While his journey in Indian, Richard meet with many well known spiritual personalities like Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, Anand Mai Ma, Muktanana Swami, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Neem Karoli Baba, J. Krishnamurty, and many others. It is difficult to think at the time of 1970’s without any money in a foreign land to find the true meaning of life.

The Journey home is an amazing and truly inspirational story. This book taught me the importance of humility, serving humanity, one’s own spiritual path, listening and helping others. I highly recommend this book regardless of any religion, and any person who truly seeking solitary in life. The Journey home is power pack book with lots of adventure, spirituality, hitchhiking, hippie, travel, friendship. A must read book.


Within this extraordinary memoir, Radhanath Swami weaves a colourful tapestry of adventure, mysticism and love. Readers follow the former Richard Slavin from the suburbs of Chicago to the caves of the Himalayas as he transforms from young seeker to renowned spiritual guide. The journey home is an intimate account of the steps to self-awareness and also a penetrating glimpse into the heart of mystic traditions and the challenges that all souls must face on the road to inner harmony and a union with the Divine.

Through near-death encounters, apprenticeships with advanced yogis, and years of travel along the pilgrim’s path. Radhanath Swami eventually reaches the inner sanctum of India’s mystic culture and finds the love he has been seeking. It is a tale told with rare candor, immersing the readers in a journey that is at once engaging, humorous and heart warming.

About Author:

RADHANATH SWAMI was born in Chicago in 1950. In his teens, he set out to wander the world on a spiritual quest where he eventually discovered the yoga path of devotion. He presently travels in Asia, Europe, and America teaching devotional wisdom, but can often be found with his community in Mumbai.

People who know Radhanath Swami speak of his dedication to bringing others closer to God. Almost in the same breath they speak of his lightness, simplicity, and sense of humor. Visitors and friends are inspired by his unassuming nature and natural unwillingness to take credit for the works he inspires - developing communities, massive food distribution to indigent children, missionary hospitals, eco-friendly farms, schools, ashrams, and emergency relief programs. “He seems to see life as a continuous blessing of God’s grace,” one admirer said, “and yet he never loses his humanness. His accessibility leaves people feeling that with a little sincere effort, they too will find the path to inner peace and God realization.”

Visit: www.radhanathswami.com

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Private India by Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson Book Review

Private India by Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson Book Review

*Publisher: Arrow Books *ISBN: 978-0-099-58639-5 Publication Year: 2014 *No of Pages 447 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction *Price: 350 *Rating: 3/5

My Review:

 According to my view this book is hyped in the market, the material is not that much interesting, what we expect from Ashwing Sanghi, his previous work like Rozabal Line, Chanakya's Chant and Krishna Key are much more interesting read compared to this book. Sometimes while reading this book I though that am I watching CID in Sony TV. 

Although if you think that there are 450 pages to read don’t worry, the fonts are big, so one can complete the book within short time period. Also the content and storyline is good, the pace is fast, and there is lot of suspense, confusion, drama and ruthless execution. A thriller with many events interwoven to keep readers guessing, who the murderer is?   

The Novel based in Mumbai, Santosh Wagh the protagonist and the director of “Private India,” a detective agency with branches all around the world, and the head of the department is the former CIA Jack Morgan. Santosh Wagh’s team consist of Nisha Gandhe as his assistant, Hari a technology geek and Mubeen the forensic expert. The story starts with a lady found dead in hotel room, and hotel management calls Santosh Wagh, Private India for investigation (just like CID, police comes later, they are happy to start investigation with Private India).

Santosh Wagh and his team was chasing a serial killer who’s only target were women, each murder were gruesome as next, with victim holding different objects in her hand and each murder done by strangling their neck with yellow scarf, and a hair of a single person were the two common items, murderer kept at the murdered place.     

Whether the props are used to distract investigation or it is being done for any religious purpose? There are two plots in the book, the first one about serial killing and second Pakistan ISI planning a serial blast in Mumbai.   

The thing which I liked the most is a good narration about thugs and thug gee cult of murderer, how they operate at the time of British Raj in India. Although I find the climax disappointing, it’s just one time read.  

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The blurb:

In Mumbai, seemingly unconnected people are dying, strangled in a chilling ritual and with strange objects carefully arranged with the corpses.

For Santosh Wagh, head of Private India, the Mumbai branch of the world’s finest investigation agency, it’s a race against time to stop the killer striking again.

In a city of over thirteen million, he’d have his work cut out at the best of times, but this case has him battling Mumbai’s biggest gang lord and a godman who isn’t all he seems.

And then he discovers there may be an even greater danger facing Private India. Hidden in the shadows is someone who could destroy the whole organisation – along with thousands of innocent Mumbai citizens...

About Author’s:

Ashwin Sanghi:

Ashwin Sanghi (born January 25, 1969) is an Indian writer in the thriller fiction genre. He is the author of three novels: The Rozabal Line, The Chanakya’s Chant and The Krishna Key. All his books have been based on historical, theological and mythological themes. He is one of India’s bestselling conspiracy fiction writer who is known for retelling Indian history or mythology in a contemporary context. Forbes India has included him in their Forbes India Celebrity 100. 

James Patterson:

James B. Patterson (born March 22, 1947) is an American author and is known for stand-alone thrillers, non-fiction and romance novels.  His books have sold more than 300 million

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ramayana: The Game of Life Rise of the Sun Prince by Shubha Vilas #Book #Review

Ramayana: The Game of Life Rise of the Sun Prince by Shubha Vilas Book Review

*Publisher: Jaico Publishing House *ISBN: 978-81-8495-530-9 *Publication Year: 2014     *No. Of Pages: 252 *Cover: Paper Back *Language: English *Genre: Mythology *Price: 250 *Rating: 5/5

My Review:

First of all I am very found of Mythology, it always fascinates me from my early childhood. At the time of 90’s when Ramayana and Mahabharata were the only serials shown on weekends on Doordarshan, at that time watching these serials was just a fun, I didn’t know the real meaning or purpose behind this serials. Now this is the first time I am reading Ramayana written by ISKON Swami. Indian mythology is mesmerizing; it has a vast knowledge which can be used in 21st century also.  

I was hooked up from the first page, now I got to know why foreigners visit and stays in India, for the spiritual journey, they find the true purpose of Life in our Mythology. One thing which I liked the most is a story of Sage Vishwamitra, a journey from King to Sage is very well articulated by the author. Also I think lord Rama is the pioneer for Monogamy because at his time where even his father Dashratha was having 353 wives, Rama was the first one who takes a vow by marring Sita and being loyal to her, this is a good example for today’s world where divorce and infidelity are a common things. Rise of Sun is very well intertwined from the birth to marriage of Lord Rama, leadership of Dashratha, the power of sage Vishwamitra, the sita’s life revolves around holy bow, and a story of stone - Ahilya the wife of Gautam Rishi.   

The footnote in every page is a good addition for the readers, provided a practical knowledge for today’s modern life. There are many Life lessons like The Laws of Sharing, The Laws of Dependence, and The laws of Self-Control etc which are very helpful for the readers if implied in day to day life. The detailed narration is given to each and every character, which provides ample information. An Indian epic, thoroughly narrated by the author Shubha Vilas.

Indian Mythology written in simplest manner.  I highly recommend this book to Indian youths, as they will know our rich heritage. Re-read this book, readers will never get bored. If you are planning to purchase Ramayana, I suggest purchasing this book written by Shubha Vilas. Awaits, to read the second part of Ramayan series.   

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About Author:

Shubha Vilas author of the book “Ramayana - The Game of Life” published by Jaico, holds a Bachelors of Engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications. He has also completed L.L.B (Specializing in Intellectual Property Law).

Shubha Vilas began his career with the Tata Group and later joined the international law firm in Bangalore which he quit to serve the society at large by taking charge of a publishing house Tulsi Books which has published over 10 books under his leadership.

Shubha Vilas now counsels and guides students in the area of leadership, overcoming failures, managing stress from various colleges like IISC, Bangalore, BITS Pilani, Goa, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Sydnem College, etc.

His leadership seminars are popular with top-level management in corporate houses. He addresses their crucial needs through thought- provoking seminars on themes such as ‘Secrets of Lasting Relationships’, ‘Soul Curry to Stop Worry’ and ‘Work–Life Balance’ to name a few.

Shubha Vilas has also been assisting business leaders as their lifestyle coach, conducting regular classes on Spirituality and Management to help them live a wholesome life.

He also helps individuals apply the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana and other dharmic traditions in dealing with modern- day life situations.

This book is the fruit of his deep study and understanding of lessons of Ramayan as it applies to life today.

You can reach the author:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shubhavilas

Twitter: @shubhavilas

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Business Doctor by Sameer Kamat #Book #Review

Business Doctor by Sameer Kamat Book Review

*Publishers: Booksoarus *ISBN: 978-93-5156-964-0 *Publication Year: 2014 *No. Of Pages: 240 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Type: Fiction *Price: 250 *Rating: 4/5

My Review:

The starting is excellent; I was hooked up from the very beginning. One of the interesting things is that it is written by an Indian author and a plot set in foreign land with foreign characters, something new to the readers. Every character is given a due importance, the flow is good and language is simple other than the Management jargons used to describe some scenes. The subject is totally different from love story and breakups.  

This is the story of a Mafia who lacks the proper knowledge to run his empire. After the death of his father, the whole empire is on the shoulder of Stephen Woody, the successor of WFB or rather Woody Family Business. The Woody is married to ex-model, Angie; on her suggestion Woody hires a consultant or Business Analyst Michael Schneider. Because of the economic downtrend Michael Schneider accepts for consulting the WFB but at that time he doesn’t know the real business of WFB. 

Woody family business deals in weapons, porn, gambling, extortion, killings, drugs, etc. WFB was loosing lots of money and situation was uncontrolled. After initial resistance, Michael accepts to provide consultation to WFB in return of hefty fees, because he doesn’t have any work from other companies. And then starts the roller coaster ride from recruiting the new members, nitty-gritty details of every business and at the end a positive outcome from the new recruiters.            

You will feel amazed while reading, a business consultant giving an advice to the mafia to run his organization. Also the detailed narration of how pornographic CD’s are made, recruiting of new members in gang, casino, gambling and online siphoning money from different accounts is very well described by the author.

I highly recommend to read Business Doctor.   


Ivy League educated management consultant, Michael Schneider, gets hired by an unlikely client – a mafia boss who wants to make a last desperate bid to resuscitate his family business that spans across gambling, drugs and porn.

A reluctant Schneider takes on the challenge to analyze the problems and re-launch the underworld organization into the super-competitive, highly evolved world of crime.

About Author:

Sameer Kamat is the best-selling author of Beyond The MBA Hype and Business Doctors.
He is the founder of MBA Crystal Ball & Booksoarus. He completed his MBA from the University of Cambridge and currently lives in Mumbai (India).

Sameer Kamat is the founder of an MBA Application Consulting  venture and a website that shares tips with aspiring authors on  how to get published in India.

Website: http://www.sameerkamat.com

Twitter: @kamatsameer

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And We Remained by Asad Ali Junaid #Book #Review

And We Remained by Asad Ali Junaid Book #Review

*Publisher: Asad Ali Junaid (Author) *ISBN: 978-1495378928 *Publication Year: 2014 *No. Of Pages: 265 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Type: Fiction *Price: 249 *Source: Author *Rating: 4/5

My review:

While reading the book I recalled my collage days; bunking the class, sitting at the last benches doing nothing, canteen, playing volleyball, etc, I guarantee you, read this book you will fell relaxed, a must read for the fun loving person.

And We Remained is a story of five friends Sahir, Sandeep, Gopal, Anand and David, and their friend Wardha, during 1990s in Bangalore. They were studying in a college called Engineering Collage of Vidyakeerthi University (ECVU). From the beginning till the last page the book is very interesting you will never get bored, its humorous book. I think this book is a Memoir of Asad Ali Junaid.

According to my thinking every graduate has his own story, the celebration and the freedom from school makes a person important identity in collage.

In the movie Rang de Basanti there is a dialogue by DJ (Daljit – Amir Khan) that he is in the collage for more than 7 years, why because he doesn’t wants’ to face the real world. There are more Daljits roaming in the world other than in the college. Same happens to the protagonist of this book who in real world has to struggle to prove his identity.

The concept and the way of expressing is different. The story is narrated in present i.e. through emails along with the dates and in past as a normal narrative. Through emails every friend was connected. The email exchange concept is a new thing; I have read it first time. The book is a mixture of many events like love, heartbreak, prison, drinking, canteen, porn, nude pics, politics, strip clubs, principal etc, its a power packed book. Every character is given equal importance.

One thing which I liked the most is the Cover Design which is done by Author himself. It’s truly awesome. Black and white with many words randomly placed in the front. Also I salute to the author for self publishing his book, it’s a daring attempt. But the author’s attempt is worth it. It’s a one man army writing, designing and publishing.

This book is a good celebration of friendship. Congratulations to Asad Ali Junaid for his debut novel and hope he comes with much more interesting stories in future.


It is Bangalore in the late 1990’s. There are tremendous socio-economic and cultural transformations taking place as a result of liberalization. How would these changes impact a group of friends in their late teens? How would they cope, find opportunities and what of their original identities would they be left with, after western ideologies are brought in and bombarded into their awareness by cable TV and new media?

Told through emails and first person account of events, And We Remained is a light and entertaining read of these friends as they experience love, heartbreak, prison, politics, drunken binges, strip clubs, sexcapades, US and Europe during their journey into adulthood.


 Asad Ali Junaid is a design professional in Bangalore working in the area of Human-Machine Interaction.

Junaid’s book – And We Remained – started as a story which needed to be told… and one which needed to be told differently. While he was struggling to get the narration style and structure right, he joined a three week in residence ‘Just Write’ fiction writing workshop where he got a chance to learn the nuances of and hone his story telling skills from authors Anil Menon, Anjum Hasan and Rimi Chatterjee.
Junaid writes whenever there is a compelling story inside him bursting to get out. Junaid has written several short stories and is currently editing his second book – which like his first one – has an absorbing story and is very different in narration style.

Junaid has been a resident of Bangalore most of his life except for brief stints in the US for higher education and work. He has seen Bangalore’s transformation from the sleepy town that it was, to an IT hub of today.
Junaid’s wife is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. Their toddler completes their home while keeping them on their toes.